Zero notifications


Anyone else lost all notifications on the starling app? I get none at all. I have contacted support, uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, factory reset my phone both fro backup and scratch with manual install.
I have had Apple look at my four month old iPhone and it is working perfectly with all other apps showing notifications. I am at a loss and awaiting further instructions from support. The pulse updates were the main reason I joined starling and it’s so frustrating that they have vanished.


I’m not getting notifications either (iOS).


Hi both, this is quite possibly a bug. I’ll follow up with the team this morning, and we should be able to get a fix out.
Yes, it can be frustrating, so thanks for letting us know.
I’d miss my Starling notifications if they stopped too.


Thanks. The most important part of the whole account for me. Latest ios too. I’m also glad I am not the only one. It’s been driving me mad


No issues on Pixel 2, Android.


I had an android before and had no issues at all, so seems to be an IOS only problem. I have the latest IOS update on and wonder if that is the culprit. Hopefully they can fix quickly. I love IOS generally, but this issue is making me wonder if I made the right decision


Had the same problem going from Android to IOS. What worked for me was going into ‘Manage Devices’ and deactivating the old Android phone. Worth a shot.


Thanks, good shout. Support suggested this so they deactivated all other devices, but alas the dreaded bug is still alive and kicking


Mine appear to be working, at least for Direct Debits anyway!


@Rowley_Adams @Ben we’ve rolled a fix for this on our end.

Can you please relaunch your app, and let us know if you receive any notifications after that (once you’ve used your card etc). You do not need to delete and reinstall your app.

Sorry about the bug.

Thanks for confirming yours work @Chalky!


Looks like Harry the Honda is doing ok too :wink:


Haha, I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone would notice!

That dashcam has been very handy, especially for proving Honda (Stoneacre) wrong!


I’m recieving notifications on iOS


That’s my diet out the window :rofl::rofl:


Yes thank you. Did a petrol purchase on my card and it worked.
Great work, thank you


I didn’t get a low balance notification so I only found out my balance had dropped to zero was when I tried to buy something… Fortunately caught on the same day so hopefully I didn’t go overdrawn


I am running Android and the notifications seem OK


Thanks for letting us know Peter. If this was after my post about the bug fix, then please get in touch with CS from your app.


I did get a notification when I topped up so fingers crossed that all is OK now. I probably dropped below my £25 alert threshold on Friday (when a TFL contactless payment will have changed from £0.10 to £2.40).

I’ll keep an eye on things :slight_smile: