Yoyo Wallet have integrated Starling


Hey :wave:
We are excited to let you know that Yoyo Wallet is the latest Partner to integrate our API! You can link your accounts by going to the Yoyo app, adding your Starling card then you will be prompted to link the accounts as well. Connected Starling accounts are available on Yoyo v6.1.1 so make sure to update if you haven’t already. If you already have a card linked in Yoyo you can connect your Starling account via settings. Once this is completed, it means that you can pay as usual using Starling (your card or ApplePay) and still collect all the reward points at your favourite retailers in Yoyo Wallet.

Yoyo Wallet have launched the integration in iOS but are still working on it for Android, they’re also working to get the full functionality to allow you to see receipts for your purchases and to be in the Starling Marketplace. Let us know what you think! :grin:


What does Yoyo actually do? Does it only give you Caffe Nero and Planet Organic rewards?


So Yoyo lets you collect points at a number of retailers, you can learn more on their website. The integration with Starling means that you can spend as usual on your Starling card or ApplePay rather than having to scan a QR code in the Yoyo Wallet app. We just published a blog post which should explain in more details how the integration works.
There’s still a number of things to come such as the Android integration, full receipt data, getting all of the Yoyo retailers via Starling and adding Yoyo in the Marketplace section of the Starling app.


there doesnt seem to be a list of retailers on their site, and its not clear if you collect the retailers loyalty points, or yoyo’s points? (sorry if I’ve missed that somewhere!) I’d rather know if/where I can use it before I download the app


Would be good to see a list of retailers that they work with.


Exactly. But, best to my knowledge, Caffe Nero, Hummel Bros., Wrap it Up Wraps and Planet Organic are the only ones confirmed.

It’s only useful if I go to Caffe Nero (one in town, one near my home). And I’m not a Caffe Nero user.

Planet Organic, have no idea that company existed.


Native Caffe Nero support would be ace; I already use the app with is painless enough.

I would like to see it within the Starling app though as it means one less app for a single purpose that I have to lug around on my phone. :slight_smile:


never heard aside from cafe nero


Bit Londony I’m guessing!


is this working yet? I’ve just added my starling card and have no options to authorise the yo-yo app to my starling account … confused


I think there is an option in the yoyo app that says link your starling account



Well that’s odd, I don’t have that option


Very bizarre having just connected my account it now shows that my account is connected in the settings option. I never added / still haven’t connected my card I just used the connect account option, not saying that’s the issue, maybe contact yoyo support


It is bizarre, I never even got the option to connect my accounts. I’ve link my card to see if that works and it just shows as a MasterCard. Your probably right to contact yo-yo support.


I deleted the yo-yo app and reinstalled but had to do this a couple of times and then the option to connect starling was there. Weird!


Yeaaah, this is basically Caffe Nero Plus to me, and I have never really been to Caffe Nero. For this app to be useful, I have to be going to Caffe Nero. No GBK, no fast food restaurants, no Costa, no Starbucks…

Oh well. If I ever start going to Caffe Nero, at least I know where to start.


I have the opposite error to you now, I’ve linked my account but cannot link my card I get a missing response data error when I try and add. Have raised a ticket with them


Figured it out DO NOT put a space in your post code


I’m really not a fan of the Yoyo app - hope to see it improve.


Hopefully you shouldn’t have to use it! :grinning: