Your Worst Recent Purchase: AKA The Chocolate Fireguard Thread. 😉


Spurred on by my purchase of possibly the worst activity tracker I’ve ever clapped eyes on; here’s my question: Can anyone beat my worst recent purchase?

Just a bit of fun really and not a thread to be too serious, I’ll leave my review for it here too. :wink:

I’ve found this band to have multiple issues; firstly when signing up for an account the default username upon signing up is your email address. When looking at the top users most have their full email address in public view and by default any new user would have this set up this way!

Secondly. I can find no way whatsoever to find your historic data; I can only think to screenshot the days activities before midnight otherwise they vanish forever. I’m flawed that I’ve bought an activity tracker that actually doesn’t track. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also found that there is no option to select quiet times for notifications; an automated text at 2AM will wake you up. Your options are have the vibrating notification for messages, calls or notifications on at all times or have none at all.

I’m also curious in all seriousness; considering this band is available and sold in the EU. Would the username/email issue be a possible breach of GDPR?