Your wish list


Evening all

With the new year fast approaching, and what will be an exciting year ahead for Starling :smiley:

I would like to know what you are all most looking forward to and would like to see implemented in 2018 and why.


I'd love to use Starling as my main account and ditch legacy bank
Ideas for a greater Starling app
Ideas that I would love to happen
Ideas that I would love to happen

In order of importance (to me)…

Transaction Search (Global Search)
Raw Merchant Data (Descriptors)
Transaction Notes (and searchable)
Mastercard SecureCode
International Payments (SEPA/SWIFT)
Deposit Cheques In-app (Cheque Imaging)
Personal Webhooks (API)
Custom Month Start
Starling to Starling Payments (and Paym)
Widget and 3D Touch Menu (iOS)
Pulse Customisation (and option to disable)
Custom Notification Sounds
Purple Core Debit Card

That’s all I can think of right now. :slight_smile:


Just thinking…how many High Street banks have got more than one of these? :flushed:
Precious few I should think.

It’s a revolution :grinning:


My wish list would be:

  1. Virtual cards
  2. Regular payments from pots
  3. Savings products from market place
  4. Mortgages from market place
  5. Transaction search
  6. Transaction notes
  7. Mastercard secure code
  8. Bitcoin wallet available through API (if that’s even possible)
  9. Ability to add sort codes and account numbers twice with different references (useful if you have more than one credit card with one provider or if you have building society accounts)
  10. Account aggregation
  11. Rewards programs through market place
  12. A customisable pulse
  13. Ability to define a month to allow for better spending insights.

All I can think of so far! But I would say that the ability to customise a month is probably the feature I’m most looking forward to.


for me just 3 things

  1. SCT
  2. MasterCard SecureCode (if it not already)
  3. cards for kids



My wish list would be

  1. An iPad version of the app
  2. Multi currency accounts
  3. Joint Accounts


Mine would be:

  1. Implementation of account sharing, e.g. connected accounts, shared goals

  2. Payments and DD’s directly from Goals

  3. Transaction notes

  4. Custom categories or transaction tagging

  5. Custom month start date


I want all of the above! :smirk:


I have added a few more to my list. :slight_smile:


Ability to see the incoming total, and outgoing total as a monthly summary to see if you have spent too much, or have some to save…


That’s my two


Keep your wish lists coming guys, it’s great to see how everyone’s are different :smile:


Starling already ticks most of the boxes for me for a spending account. To use it as my primary bank account, my wishlist would be:

  1. Web interface (this is a long, long way above the others on my list)
  2. Joint accounts/shared pots
  3. Savings accounts with decent interest in the marketplace


Just curious as to why quite a few people want a web interface. The phone only experience is what attracted me to Starling. I can do every I need from the phone so just interested in what people think is missing.


This is probably a dialogue for the other post. But some people like me use the iPad as a primary MOBILE device and I would love an iPad app. It would be the best Xmas present. But a web interface would also fulfill the needs of me accessing my bank using my tablet (my primary MOBILE device although I would prefer an iPad native app).

I understand there’s another post for this discussion. I apologise in advanced for posting this here but was just responding to trevorp


Hi Trevor

The topic has recently been raised here Online\Desktop\Tablet\iPad Version


Thanks @Graham I missed that topic.


I thought of one more thing: an option to select or automatically grab payee profile pics from Facebook, gravatar, etc. Currently my payee page is a bunch of initials as it’s too much effort to add photos


For me it’s automatic savings into goals, I’m saving for a house and its hard to have a life at the same time. I really want to be able to have a round up option to move money into goals. E.g. card payment of £1.40, the transaction is rounded to closest £ and 60p is moved instantly a designated goal.

Also was hoping for something like self imposed taxation for certain categories/retailers. E.g. I spend too much on Deliveroo, so for every transaction there, add on 10% and move that into a goal.

  1. Joint accounts
  2. Joint accounts
  3. Joint accounts
  4. Joint accounts
  5. Joint accounts

(call them what you want, it’s the functionality that counts :slight_smile: )