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It would be great to get some of your thoughts on what level of notification preference management you would find useful. Some have said you’d want a notification for every transaction, while others prefer to be notified for just higher value transactions leaving your account…and custom sounds…let us know what you would find useful?

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I would love a custom Starling notification sound of Starlings choosing. I’m not fussy what it is just that it’s different from the default tone.

I wouldn’t use the only higher transaction notifications feature because I like notifications for all transactions but only being notified of higher amounts is a good idea for those who want it.


I like having one for each transaction. That might change when you have Apple Pay as I don’t really want two notifications, maybe all except Apple Pay transactions.

I second having a different notification sound. Something unique to Starling.


Perhaps being able to set balance notifications of your choosing would be cool - so alert me when my balance is less thank £200 for example.


As I mentioned in the other thread. I’d like a notification for every event, including changes to existing transactions be it from authorisation values changing into presentment values or GBP values changing on foreign exchange transactions once posted with the actual exchange rate.


I prefer to receive a push notification every time a transaction takes place, whatever the value. A custom sound for different value transactions perhaps? and the ability to configure what notifications we receive would be nice.


I agree, when Apple Pay launches, we won’t need two notifications?


Absolutely, if you have Apple ones turned on, you won’t get Starling ones, if you don’t have Apple ones though you’ll get ours as normal :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for clarifying so quickly!


I’d want notifcation of every single transaction in and out, but with the ability to adjust and change if i want to. Otherwise why wouldnt i just use a normal bank?

Also thing you should have custom sounds not the default apple ones. Its a bit annoying its the text messaging sound currently.


Hi all,

It may have been mentioned already, but it would be good to get a notification saying that the app has recognised I have arrived in a foreign country, with info like exchange rate, currency name etc.

it may be there now, but when I went abroad recently I didn’t get one.



I’m interested in your feedback on how best to ensure you don’t get duplicate notifications from Apple and Starling for Apple transactions. We won’t have access to see if you have notifications turned on or off for Apple Wallet, nor are you able to manage notifications for your Starling card in your wallet separately from your other bank cards (if you still have them :wink:). This means we have a design challenge…

Which statement below represents your preference or behaviours?

  • I don’t want to receive Starling notifications for Apple Pay transactions (I have them on for Apple Wallet)
  • I want to get Starling notifications for all trxns incl. Apple Pay (I can turn them off for Apple Wallet)
  • In app, let me turn notifications off for Apple Pay trxns (Starling default is on)
  • In app, let me turn notifications on for Apple Pay trxns (Starling default is off)

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This would be really handy! maybe it does it when you make a transaction, I am not sure though.


May I ask where notification preferences are set up? I’m using iOS. I cannot find Starling in the list of app notification in Settings, and in the app there’s a slider for Apple Pay, which is switched to on, and I cannot change.

Edit: should have said, I’m not receiving transaction notifications.


Hi @sarah.guha

Here is my brain dump on the notification preferences topic:

1. add the ability to manage notifications at OS level (if not already existing)

1.1 Iphone: add the ability to turn app notifications on/off via iOS notification settings
1.2 Android: add the ability to turn app notifications on/off via app notification settings
1.3 Iphone/Android: add the ability to set a customised notification tone for notifications

2. add the ability to manage notification preferences in-app

2.1 add the ability to manage transactions related notification preferences

2.1.1. add the ability to turn movements related notifications on/off add the ability to turn debit related notifications on/off add the ability to turn credit related notifications on/off default debit and credit notification to on

2.1.2. add the ability to turn events related notifications on/off add the ability to turn notification when a transaction from a specific merchant changes from “pending” to “cleared” status on/off (include cleared amount in notification) add the ability to turn notification when a transaction in foreign currency changes from “pending” to “cleared” status on/off (include cleared amount and FX rate in notification) default events related notification to off

2.2. add the ability to manage account related notification preferences

2.2.1. add the ability to turn overdraft related (in/out of overdraft) notifications on/off add the ability to turn in overdraft notification on/off add the ability to turn out of overdraft notification on/off default in overdraft notification to on, out of overdraft to off

2.2.2. add the ability to turn balance related (floor limit) notifications on/off add the ability for the user to set a floor limit in-app (as a warning before overdraft) add the ability for the floor limit to be set from 100£ to 1000£ in 50£ increments default balance notification to on with a 100£ floor limit display notification only if most recent payment makes balance amount greater than 0 but inferior to floor limit set

2.2.3. add the ability to view back-dated account related notifications in-app

That’s it for now! I hope the above suggestions will make sense and that other users will find them inspiring/useful. :slight_smile:

PS: I found out that TFL contactless payments lack some transparency as the pending amount and the cleared amount do not always match and these transactions clear without notification in the starling app. Therefore requirement


Hi, It sounds like you don’t currently have a valid push notification token – that will by the Apple Pay notification toggle in our app is inactive. You should be able to find Starling in the Settings, Notifications menu on your phone though - that sounds unusual that it is not appearing. When you change your preference in your phone Settings it will update your preferences with Starling so I’d expect to you start receiving them. if you’re not seeing Starling still in that menu, let our CS team know with the details of the app and os version and we’ll see if we can replicate it.


Very comprehensive! Thank you for the time taken to share your thoughts, that’s really useful. We will build on our notification management incrementally so we may not deliver all 2.2.3 points, but if any of the other community members support these ideas it would be good to know which are your absolute must-haves?


Hi @sarah.guha,

Thanks for the quick follow-up. That’s really appreciated. I would say event notification by merchant ( and notification of overdraft (2.2.1) would be must haves for me and the rest nice to haves.

The notification of overdraft requirements would link back to more than one Use Case though as far as I can see:

UC01 - notification of overdraft prior to payment out validation
UC02 - notification as a result of a card payment/direct debit/recurring payment.

Let’s see if anyone else would be interested by these requirements and which ones would be absolute must.



Apple’s Apple Pay notifications feature is very poorly implemented because the notifications only appear when we use Apple Pay on iPhone. If we pay via Apple Pay on Apple Watch, we don’t receive an Apple Pay notification.

Conversely, Starling’s notifications appear no matter which device we use Apple Pay on. Further, I prefer the wording of the Starling notifications to the Apple Pay notifications.

Fortunately I still receive both Starling and Apple Pay notifications rather than just Apple Pay notifications. Now I’d just like to find a way to turn just Apple Pay notifications off, so I only receive the Starling ones when I use Apple Pay :blush:


In terms of the question in the thread, I find it very useful to receive a notification for every transaction because it helps me know the transaction has gone through successfully, especially for those times when the card machine’s screen isn’t in my view.