You took my breath away


Hello Starling,

Can I just take a minute before Christmas to thank everyone at Starling especially the hard workers in the support team for helping me resolve this issue. [Device limit reached]

The love the company has for its customer is what truly sets it apart from its arrivals, its what makes it impossible for me to ever go back to Santander. Even after my issue was resolved Starling took it upon themselves to make it up to me; an act I could never see other banks doing. Please don’t ever loose your love for your customers as you grow.

Have a happy holiday,

Jason Yau


Hi @Jason_Yau you are so right, going that extra mile for customers is what will keep Starling Bank ahead :clap:


Nice touch.
Customer service is actually what finally made me switch my current account after only 3 days of using Starling as a “top up” prepaid account.

It’s best in class as far as I’ve seen.


I’m very impressed with starling as well. Will probably make a full switch soon. Little things like this are a nice touch.


Make the switch :smile:


Great post.


I’ve only just got a starling account so want to give it a go first before I make a full switch. Haven’t even used the card yet! :joy:


No rush, when you feel comfortable switching :smile: do share with us what your first purchase is though