You have reached the maximum device limit


As a phone tweaker and I like to format my phone often I have now encountered this message locking me out of the app

you have reached the maximum device limit

I only use 1 device so I would like to see a method implemented to not have this happen on the same device.



Are you able to edit/delete devices and reauthorise your phone?

Or is it that you’d prefer to not need to?


I would imagine that if your reformatting the phone, some unique identifier is changing each time and that the Starling app is seeing this ID changing and classing it as a new device each time.

I guess it would depend on what ID is being used as to whether Starling are able to do what you want or not.


Good point. I reckon, though, that we should expect some level of control over devices, given that the current account is mobile-only.


Agreed, maybe some way to unauthorise old phones (or resets of the same phone) or reset the count.

I can definitely see why they’ve implemented it to protect customers and prevent fraud but yeah they definitely should allow us to reset the count.


You can when you go in and delete old devices on your account. But guess no good if you reached limitation and can’t logon.


I didn’t even know this function existed so immediately went and found it in the Android app!

@Elbow, wouldn’t this be a solution to your problem, just make sure you delete your old authorisations when you’ve reconfigured your phone?


I’d posed this earlier but not sure if that isn’t what he wants?
Plenty for @Elbow to ponder :grin:…


Yes you can remove other / old devices from any device - you can see the list under login and security.

We can’t do this automatically unfortunately (i.e. if you uninstall and reinstall the app on the same device) as that would be very much against app store privacy rules. Uber tried to detect if the device had been used by a previous installation and their (ex) CEO got hauled up in front of Tim Cook to explain:


Thanks Sam


Cheers Sam.


Thanks Sam


That makes sense, thanks @sam!

We definitely don’t want Starling to get anything like the same kind of attention that Uber is getting!


Worth mentioning that if you do reach your device limit on the same device and can’t log in, our customer service team will be able to support you to get access again. Thanks @sam!