You can now use Starling with Moneybox πŸŽ‰


Back in April we announced our partnership with Moneybox for real-time savings. So, we’re pretty chuffed to announce that from today you can use your Starling account with the Moneybox app on iOS (Android coming very soon)! :tada:

Go ahead - give it a whirl!

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Thanks, Have just connected my accounts. Really great to see this so quickly.


:raised_hands::tada: superb integration! look forward to giving this a try.


Thanks guys! So glad to see you share our excitement for this integration! :smile::raised_hands:


Cool, but does this mean that that Starling won’t be including β€˜round up’ functionality as part of savings goals? Or is that still a possibility?


Connected my account to moneybox earlier. Really easy and transaction feed in straight away. Nice work MoneyBox & Starling!


@jefflyall94 I asked the same question in another thread and the response I got was that this is still a possible feature for savings goals. I wanted a round-up that was instantly taken from my account so I won’t notice, which I think a savings goal could be. I asked Moneybox if their round ups would be instant and they said they’ll calculate the round-up in real time but direct debit the sum of the round ups from your account once per week. User preference will determine which users pick which savings option.


Now available on android!


Just connected but interesting it has picked up all my spenditure from yesterday as well as today even though only just connected.


Nice. Just connected. Flippin’ Lovin’ Starlin’


Although having integrations is a good idea and may be useful to some, I think an in house savings feature is much better than letting a third party do this.


Fantastic news! about time :slight_smile:


I signed up the other day - loving seeing what can be done by opening up our API and really excited to see what comes next. This is one of the most exciting things happening at Starling for me, seeing what others can create for the benefit of our customers.


Hi folks. I’m considering signing up to Moneybox just for this integration but I only use Starling for direct debit payments - will they be rounded or is it just card transactions?



Hey @OliverHaslam, it does count direct debit and standing order payments :blush:


Brilliant, thanks. I might have to give it a try!


Call me a doughnut, but how do you link them up? I’ve just downloaded the moneybox app, but before I continue I thought I would get some advice! Do I have to sign up for a moneybox account first or does Starling do this? If so, how! Thanks for the help! :blush:


That’s right - just create a MoneyBox account and authorise it with Starling. I believe MoneyBox will guide you through the process. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks James, I’m all set up now! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just set
This up, worth a try :blush: