Yolt Starling Integration



At last!

Just need to work out if I’m happy with goals values being hidden or not.

Sending International Payments
Yolt - errors

Yes the integration with Yolt has just gone live! There’s a step-by-step video here showing how to link the accounts, let us know what you think :smile:


From another thread:

So Yolt just needs to do some extra coding (hopefully easy once the docs are published) and savings goals hopefully will appear under savings accounts!

What I would like to see is services like Yolt really embracing PDS and open banking and allowing in-app transfers between accounts for supported providers (i.e. using Starling API and a, for example, future Barclaycard PDS implementation) to allow Yolt to start a faster payments transfer from Starling to pay off my Barclaycard, or to invest into my NS&I premium bonds.


If you are using Yolt to view your Starling and other accounts, you may also be interested to know there is an option in the Yolt app to send International Payments thru Moneytis


Anyone else having trouble trying to add Starling to their Yolt account? After approving Yolt in the Starling app, I get redirected to the Yolt website where it simply loads an error page stating ‘Caught short, this seems to be the end of the road. Sorry we couldn’t find what you’re linking for’.

Had a quick search online and it seems others are having the same issue.


No problems here :frowning: Better contact Yolt.


Thanks, I contacted them yesterday through their site, so hopefully I’ll hear back soon.


I was hoping with Starling you wouldn’t need a service like Yolt?


From what I’ve seen so far, Yolt does a great job of also showing you your credit card spends alongside your current account spend. It feels complimentary to your bank account.


Just loaded Yolt on spec. It took my Starling account details without problem.

That done - I can’t see what I’m getting that betters what Starling already does, (particularly as it struggles with other account details).


For me it’s that I can see my credit card/other bank accounts in one place.


Has anyone else noticed that where it says account it says Barclays?


After restarting the app, mine went back to saying Starling.


It worked OK when I set it up. If you are using Android your phone may ask at different points if you wish to open the Browser or Starling App and Browser or Yolt app, it may be at that point you selected the wrong option. For me it was not clear which to pick so I guessed :wink:


Wow. I discovered Yolt thanks to you guys. Brilliant app. It’s going to be my main app for sorting my transactions and more.


There are others on the market but as this one is backed by ING Bank I feel happier sharing my data with them


I’ve just signed up for this and I’ve already spotted some problems. My weekly transfer to a goal named ‘Bills’ has been changed to Bills Restaurant. Also any money transferred to my main balance from a Goal is classed as income. And I can’t choose weekly pay. It all seems to be a bit all over the place.


Hi Kizzy100,

I had the same issue in my WileyFox android.

After contacting Yolt, I managed to get it working. Hooray!

I posted a solution here:



Thanks very much for getting in touch, I really appreciate it.

However, I’m an iOS user and don’t have the same setting string, so
couldn’t quite follow the same fix.

I’ve tried contacted their CS team again and I’ll see if I get a response
this time :slight_smile:



Ah, in that case, read this:

It’s the original link that Yolt gave me that I was then able to use to figure out the android issue. :slight_smile: