Yolt and missing Savings pots


Is this a Yolt or Starling issue? In Yolt it looks like missing money :open_mouth:


I don’t think yolt recognises pots. The emma app which is very similar does though.


Emma does display both Starling Goals and Monzo Pots, so it probably just that Yolt still can’t cope with them yet. I don’t know for sure as I stopped using Yolt as I preferred how Emma could display them.


Initially I preferred Yolt but Emma has progressed well and is the better app now.
Not too keen on how one of the founders reacts to criticism but the app is good.


From what I’m hearing I should install Emma instead! Will give that a go, thanks folks.


Dont rate either of these compared to MoneyDashboard. I’ve just started the Beta trial of Starling account integration, so will be coming soon. Shows all Starling Goals as well (as seperate Accounts) so looking good!