YNAB Integration?


You need a budget or YNAB, would be great if there was a supported integration there. Starling could be first UK bank to integrate


I think this would be a good idea.

For me personally, I was thinking about this earlier, but I’ve actually settled on Starling potentially replacing YNAB entirely for me so this might be a workaround for people who - like me - want to use Starling in a similar manner to YNAB. The way I’m seeing it, the Goals act a lot like YNAB categories and as soon as it’s possible to set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders out of particular goals, it’ll definitely replace it entirely. I’ve been trial running this (with a lot of manual money movement in and out of goals) and I could see it working quite well. I’ve got a Goal set up for my buffer so as I receive income, it’s going into that goal. And I’ve set up goals for each rainy day fund I have. I even ordered each Goal in order of priority by numbering them. 1 is the current month’s bills, 2 is next month’s money, 3 is my credit card payments, 4 is emergency fund, etc.

I like the fact that Starling shows money moving in and out of goals too. That’ll help keep me honest. If I can replace YNAB with the Starling Goals feature, the one thing I’ll miss is auto-calculating my credit card payments based on what I’ve budgeted before. I have 0% cards and I want to get them paid off before the interest kicks in again and it’s been nice having YNAB calculate what I need to budget towards them each month to ensure I get there on time, and adapting that on the fly if I budget more or less in a previous month.


I’ve just dumped using YNAB and am using goals instead. Keeping tabs of every transaction got a bit draining in YNAB so while goals isn’t as precise (no split transactions) and goals are a little manual until direct debits can be taken from them it’s been a weight off my shoulders. Especially now Yolt works with Starling (although it’s missing goal balances).


Can you assign transactions to goals (don’t really care about splitting) ?


You can’t really do anything with goals at the moment apart from move money in/out. They’ve mentioned direct debits from goals so I’m hoping the next step is to attach transactions to goals.

If Starling don’t then hopefully Monzo will.


YNAB Integration would be lovely, but I asked the folks at YNAB and they said their “direct import provider moved away from banks outside of US/CA and they have no immediate plans to add international banks. Maybe in the future”. Pity though. Has anyone tried importing transactions using csv?


Yes they have - we had a previous post explaining how to map the Starling CSV format into the one that YNAB accepts: Import CSV Starling Statement into YNAB (You Need A Budget)


Super, thanks @sam . Will test this at first opportunity.


What’s YNAB?




This might be of interest…


Still looked like a no :frowning:


Thank you


They’re bumping the price, which will hurt thier attractiveness going forward IMHO


I have a UK Barclaycard that YNAB connects to. It looks like a small list of UK accounts are now supported so hopefully we’ll see full support at some point.
The mobile YNAB app works very nicely, and shows me transactions that need dealing with each day. Very low effort.