WWDC Keynote on June 4


Apple today sent out invites to a variety of news and media sites for the upcoming 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference.

What you all hoping for?


Proper streaming, I.e not having to have the full space required of a movie before you can watch same for buying a movie :smile::smile:


I’m hoping for Apple to really focus their efforts on the speed and stability of iOS 12.


I’m hoping (and praying) they do two things;

  1. A Refresh of the MacBook Pro with some internal hardware bumps, as I’ve waited 6 months to buy a new one just so I can take advantage of the much-expected spec refresh. Hopefully I won’t have waited for nothing.

  2. New OSX Release will hopefully support running iOS apps on your Mac! I can see loads of little benefits to doing this - including quickly popping onto my Starling account when I’m already on my MacBook to do some banking without having to pick up my phone and disrupt my workflow.

Fingers crossed.

Oh, and of course - iOS stability and faster FaceID would aslo be good!!


Agreed, Jon.

  1. iOS notifications need serious work. Android is far ahead here.

  2. Ship stable software. iOS 11 and High Sierra have not been the best for stability and bugs.

  3. I’m hoping they’re expand their services like iCloud etc to be more on par with the competition while remaining committed to user privacy etc.

  4. Something similar to android p digital wellbeing settings (with an option to disable if users don’t won’t it).

  5. Do something with FaceTime like group calls.

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Better and Actionable Notifications
  3. Easier navigation for Widgets.

… Its going to be iOS13 and beyond, but do something with the start screen - even something like livetiles.


Without Apple investing in their own data centres, they are only ever going to use Google or AWS and in doing so is going to have its limitations.


Oh oh oh, I know:

  1. New MacBook with the keyboard like they had back in 2014. The new butterfly keyboard is horrible (might only happen in Sept though)
  2. Notifications rework in iOS 12 and the ability to customise Control Centre
  3. Apple Pay Cash for the UK
  4. Calculator, Stocks and Weather app on iPad


Allow third party apps to play their movies


Both of these for me. Grouped notifications. Better use of previews and space.

Also (but I don’t think likely):

  • Better home screen management (allow custom arrangements)
  • Ability to remove the last few stock apps (e.g. Health)
  • Redesigned volume control (less intrusive)
  • Improvements to App Store discoverability (dunno how, exactly; filtered searches to filter by price/IAP/age of app/last update? more categories?)
  • Even more control centre customisation (including allowing users to specify what the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles do)

I’d like more customisability generally, but I can’t see that happening at all. An iPhone’s homescreen is all part of Apple’s branding, for right or wrong.


I really like the butterfly. I couldn’t go back to an old keyboard now, they feel squishy and weird in comparison. Out of interest, what didn’t you like about it? :slight_smile:


Have you tried a Surface Book or Surface Laptop keyboard? That’s how it should feel…


I’ve got 2014 MacBook Pro. The keyboard is superb.


I haven’t.

I’m very happy with the feel of the butterfly keyboard. I guess I will have to try a Surface when I next see one. :slight_smile:


I don’t think I have tried the 2014 keyboard. My previous MacBook Pro was a 2013 (possibly with a different keyboard?) and my current one is a 2017 with butterfly.

Apple do seem to change the keyboards quite often.


I have a late 2016 MacBook Pro and love the butterfly keyboard after initially hating it! I couldn’t go back to a ‘normal’ keyboard now. The only downside with is when dust or dirt gets lodged underneath. Pretty much game over and a trip to the Apple Store :computer:


I didn’t like it at first either. It really does grow on you though.

Much like Touch Bar, I thought it was pointless at first. I now use it all the time.


The price is shocking though.


As with most Apple products. :slight_smile:

I usually upgrade every 4 years. Also, used resale values are pretty good.