Worst and best features of legacy banks


So I would say a thing I miss from my legacy bank would be being able to pay in cheques or cash in branch. Things I don’t miss is waiting days for card payments to show up on statement.

Legacy banking

Hopefully mobile check imaging will help with one of those things, and if Starling could sort out a deal with Post Office like the big banks then that would sort the other. :smile:


Well at the moment I’d miss my 5% Cashback on Android Pay transactions that I’m getting with my 1-2-3 Lite Account!

But on a serious note, as mentioned before, not being able to pay in conveniently at the Post Office. Also, at the moment I do have to say assurance that my Debit Card will actually work is also something that is in the back of my mind!

But in terms of actual features and functionality, I can’t really think of anything that my current banks offer me that Starling doesn’t apart from the Joint/Virtual accounts that have already been discussed at length.


I miss the branch, both for cheques and for last ditch use. With legacy bank if your card broke, you could with id etc withdraw money to get you by,no branches limits this

To counter that though, once cheque imaging is in place that’ll be better than branch and as long as I keep at least 1 other card safe I can always plod slong


My local branch of the legacy bank I’m with is the one with the largest footfall for the bank in the area and is located in one of the UK’s biggest shopping centres.

Currently it has one ATM, no counter service and a non functional paying in machine; which replaced a perfectly good working ATM over a month ago. I asked the staff who confirmed it’s waiting on parts and not connected to anything, with no timescale on it functioning.

Paying in cash is a real pain as the envelopes ask the same thing multiple times.

Branch staff are OK, but not amazing and the branch itself is a little run down. I think the branches digital offering comprises of a easy to overlook iPad on a little stand in the corner.

I doubt I’ll miss it that much?

Positives are the fact that I have a high rate of interest on up to £1500 and I’m currently being paid (some may say bribed :stuck_out_tongue: ) £10 a month for having two direct debits and using my card 20 times a month.


I like ‘Save the change’ from Lloyds where they round up your purchase to the nearest pound and save it into a separate account. I saved a fiver in my first week without really knowing.

This would be a great addition that I would really welcome in my Starling account.


You can sort of do this now using the Moneybox integration

Not sure how the Lloyds account works in terms of how quickly it takes the money (there’s a bit of a discussion in the thread about this). Not sure if Starling will implement this themselves or just point you to Moneybox.


Don’t moneybox charge for this??


I believe they do.

Do Lloyds put it in a separate account with Interest or is it just a basic account?


The money goes directly into a savings account you have with the bank and you earn interest.


For me the best thing about my old bank was the coffee in the branch.

The worst thing was their SEPA charge being so expensive


The problem with the Moneybox integration that I didn’t like when I tried it was that it’s not straight away (i.e so that it ‘appears’ to be part of the same purchase).

Moneybox would scan you account and total up each week how much they’ll save for you and then take that out as a Direct debit.

So - you’d actually get a weekly debit taken.

There’s no charge from them (they presumably get their costs covered with charges for the money they invest on your behalf).

I would prefer (and I think this is how Lloyds work) with a system where you set how much to round up to (5p, 10p, 50p, £1) and when you spend it’s immediately taken instead of being processed once a week (cos 100 x 10p over the course of the week is much easier to swallow for me than £10 at once…)


Best - 2% interest on all balance up to $5000 (Lloyds CLub) and free cinema tickets.

Worst - the delay until some transactions show in the statement (really messes up my budgeting/spending).


$ :thinking:


that would be Lloyds Bank International I guess?


Can’t proclaim to know many that stand out. I care not for the branches; they do nothing for me. I don’t need to pay cash in and I refuse to take cheques. We can all do Bacs transfers at the very least. Cashless and paperless and chequeless please, and a branchless bank like Starling is one step closer to that.

I miss Lloyd’s auto save the change, though nothing massive that it stops me moving bank. Don’t miss savings accounts because… Well, the small % does very little for me anyway.

I can’t change my address without going into a branch at Halifax, which is frustrating. A trip to town just to change my address?

To be fair to Halifax, I’ve never had downtime or ever once had to call them on the phone. No issues, just merely a bit dull and lacklustre in offering something that pushes banking into the modern, future world.

Overdraft fees and foreign exchange costs are also a cheeky way of nabbing ££££ off you that often feels excessive.


Most legacy banks are sharks when it comes to overseas spending, 2.75%+ on spending. A nice little earner for them. It would appear that there are little or no costs to spending abroad as they well know. Bandits.

Most people know how to get round it anyway with the right credit cards, or Starling/Monzo.

It’s just pure greed and billion £ profits.


Unfortunately we don’t always get a choice.

I hardly ever use cash or cheque, but as an example when I sold my last car the road tax refund was given by cheque. I’ve had a similar thing happen this year a couple of times whereby the only available method was cheque. Before that I’d not seen a cheque in years.

Hopefully the digital cheque process will be available to everyone soon so it’s another step away from having to go into branches.

Apart from the lack of SecureCode (which has stopped me being able to use my card with some vendors), the need to periodically deal with cash or cheque is my only blocker to moving to Starling.


I too refuse cheques and return any with instructions on how to pay by FPS, BACS, SEPA or SWIFT.

Had HMRC etc pay me by BACS for about a decade now so can’t understand those who complain about them sending you a cheque. Give them your bank details and they pay into your bank.

I paid DVLA by card rather than cheque over the phone so again don’t underatand why people say they need to be sent a cheque


I was on about receiving a refund from them, rather than paying them. They flat out refused to refund by any other means than cheque