Withdrawing money from a Goal


I’m not sure if maybe I just haven’t found the option but I think it’d be good to be able to withdraw money from a Goal into your main account.

For example I wanted to set up a goal for my monthly Virgin Media bill, that way when I get paid I just top up that goal and park the money there, so I don’t spend it, on the 22nd I withdraw into my main account and VM takes it.

Right now the only option is to delete the goal every 22nd and create a new one every month.


unless i am mistaken about what your asking, you can do this.

Simply click on the balance in a goal and select how much you wish to withdraw


Oops! You’re right! I never thought to click on the balance. :sweat_smile: Thanks!!

Never mind then, thank you Starling :slight_smile:


Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one. My brother had to ask me how to withdraw from a goal. Perhaps it needs to be more prominent?


I agree. I really figured it out from trial and error


Same here, took me ages to work it out. I think it’s quite slick once you know!


Me too I did the same


I think the whole goal UI feels weird. It emphasise the look over functionality. I understand the animation, but in my opinion it makes the experience even more convoluted.

I would prefer the list of goals more compact with the information like next payment to the goal visible.

The goal itself should contain a list of transactions from and to goal, as well recurring payment details (eg. every week on friday) and next payment date. There should be button to top-up and to draw from goal. Nice touch would be some estimation when the goal will be met (graph maybe?)


I agree that the UI on goals is not great - please improve this Starling!