Withdrawing from Goals shows wrong amount for a second



When you withdraw money from a Goal, enter an amount, it live-updates the “Saved” amount on the left - once you press the blue arrow-down button to withdraw the money from the goal, the “Saved” amount on the left side briefly updates and subtracts DOUBLE the actual amount that you’re withdrawing. Then, a second later, it updates back to the correct amount.
This looks like a typical programmer mistake where the amount is live-updated, and once you click the button, it’s subtracted again, until the next screen loads.


Having worked in Development for around 20 years I can confirm I have never made a mistake like that described, nor have I witnessed anyone else make a similar mistake. Not sure how typical this example is :wink:


If you’ve worked in Development for around 20 years but never ever seen a bug at least somewhat similar in style to this, you must work in an extremely high-quality company with amazing code reviews, unit tests, QA, etc. That’s really awesome and it must be incredible working there. Unfortunately I would say the majority of companies does not work to that standard, and that’s really sad by the way.
Anyway I’m sure Starling has good QA & stuff but this one must’ve slipped through (not the first bug I’ve encountered with Starling so far but they were most minor so far, just inconveniences).
Or can you not reproduce this bug?