Who wants PayM?


I wish the community could be more involved in determining the direction of where Starling is heading, in the sense of just features improvements. I wish there could be polls where the community can decide which feature is more desirable, or whether a feature has the demand or not. I wish for more official polls, created by Starling, and the results will be taken seriously… I know this could seem unprofessional, but don’t we, the community, represent what the market wants?

Let me just start a poll now related to PayM. Let’s see how many of the community wants PayM integration.

PayM official website https://paym.co.uk/
It is a mobile payment system allowing users to pay their phone contacts, if their phone contacts are registered with PayM as well.

  • PAYM pleeeeaaseeeeee!!!
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Forum members will surely have an impact on the development plans of the Starling team. But I’d be wary of seeing the direction of travel be determined by forum ballot.

By all means have these ad hoc votes, but they need to be seen in the round. A forum, whilst representative of interested and energised members, doesn’t necessarily reflect the broader audience.


You’ve left out one crucial option.
I wouldn’t say it should be a top priority feature, but wouldn’t mind having it either.
However, I haven’t come across anyone using it within my circle of family/friends/colleagues when I needed to “settle up”.




I think Starling should offer PayM but I don’t think it should be a priority.


I’d prefer some form of rank order survey to see what people are really interested in, paym may be useful for some (not me), but I personally would prefer round up before anything. Everyone has their own preferences, including the team at starling and while we can have some influence, they will already have an idea of what they want to develop.


The problem.with polls like this is while I may not want Pay-M or even hate Pay-M (because of how it works) I may still see a business argument for adding it to the Starling offering. There is no way of expressing such reasoning in a poll.

We have seen how in the Brexit referendum with about 70% turnout less than half of those eligible to vote won the vote, and in the Monzo community a small number of users unrepresentative of customers as a whole winning a poll bringing in ATM charges.

I think it is better for Starling to make their own way and decide. A bank should not be run by polls.


Starling definitely seems to take community opinion into account (the most recent example coming to mind is the removal of partial phone numbers from Settle Up). However, at the end of the day, we all need to remember that as useful of a “resource” we as a community are for Starling’s internal feature prioritisation, we merely represent around 1% of the whole user base.


Personally, I think PayM was a great idea - three or four years ago, but that it’s seriously missed the boat now on getting take up on it.

I’ve once had 1 person try to send me a payment via PayM and it didn’t work because I hadn’t setup my end. I’ve never had anyone else ask me to either pay them or be paid by them using it. The fact that people need to set it up with their bank and then make the payment through their bank app means that quite often they’ll just ask for my account details anyway and make the payment that way.

If there had been a major awareness campaign for PayM when it launched then it might have caught on and now everyone would be used to it. But I think it was hamstrung by Barclays taking it and ‘rebranding’ their version as Pingit which confused people. When I tried to setup PayM with my Nationwide account, I couldn’t because it said that my number was already in use - they had to investigate and finally found out it was in that Barclays system which I’d setup when it first launched but then forgot about.

I see ‘PayM’ as actually a bit of a non-starter legacy system which will be replaced by services like SettleUp/Monzo.me/Paypal.me (I’ve received and sent quite a few payments through Paypal.me in particular) and within the next 2 year I would expect payments direct through iMessage/Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger and whatever is the dominant Android message app to go live in the UK as well.


Especially when native payments (Apple pay/Google pay) are integrated.


Agree. But, I still think we should have some easy payment system while waiting for iMessage/Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger to implement it.

SettleUp/Monzo.me/Paypal.me needs the payee to give the payer their unique link (except for Monzo). Apple pay/Google pay is not ready for cross-platforms. But PayM is already inter-bank, to any bank you use with just a mobile number.

However, Starling still does not have any system that allows payment through a mobile number unlike the other legacy banks which has PayM, or Monzo that has it’s own mobile number payment environment.

I have hundreds of contacts on my phone. But, I don’t have hundreds of bank accounts on my phone.

I’m not suggesting PayM or some sort of mobile payment system to be Starling’s TOP priority, but at least show some development towards it, a challenger bank (Starling/Monzo) that do focus on convenience, should make some developments for more convenience like this.

I have checked the Starling’s roadmap here, sadly I couldn’t find anything related to this: https://trello.com/b/wp8bOZPL/starling-developers-roadmap



For PayM to work, both you and the other party need to be signed up to it. Like I mentioned, as far as I know, only one of my friends (and I do have quite a few friends!) actually has signed up to PayM.

That’s the big weakness of it and I’ve got no-way of knowing which of my friends has it or not. I may be doing it a dis-service and if I asked around, maybe all of them has it setup. But whenever we have done any money transfers it’s never been mentioned.

Whereas, with something like Settle Up, I don’t need to know if the other party is setup with PayM - I can just send them the link and as long as they’ve actually got a bank account, they’ll have a debit card so can use that to pay me.

Also, I’ve got to admit, until about 4 or 5 months ago I was strongly in the ‘PayM would be useful and great and Starling should definitely support it’. But now - I really don’t think it would add much to the service.


Actually, my PingIt app tells me who has PayM or not. I have countless friends on it, be it Llyods, Natwest, etc. It helps a ton.

Agree that SettleUp in this case, if you do not know whether your contacts have PayM or not, would be easier.

I would say the PayM awareness is not just there yet in the banking world. I have been encouraging my friends that are still using legacy banks to register for it. Some of them didn’t even believe that such convenience did actually exist hahaha.


I have known about PayM for years but will not use it. It is totally inflexible as the way they have constructed it you can not use the one phone number in conjunction with multiple accounts, also for privacy you may not wish to divulge your phone number, so to me the offerings from Starling, PayPal and that other bank, erm Monzo, are better


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