Where is the Goals update for iOS?


Hi this maybe a stupid post, but I honestly can’t see it - can you advise where the goals are in the ios update please? I’ve looked everywhere :flushed: probably being stupid but haven’t a clue


Hi @scottgale20 - Goals is available on the main navigation at the bottom (far right). If you’re not seeing it the latest version may not have fully rolled out on the app store. You should download version 0.34.1


I don’t think that is the issue. My app keeps updating to one that released 3 days ago.


Let’s give it time… it may roll out soon…


It’s there now, folks. Get saving :pound::+1:


Hi Sarah, right i shall have a look for it now,. Yes I was told goals should on right hand side next to card


Think it’s there now another update in app store fingers crossed :smirk:


Looks promising!


All up and running with my goals populated


All working :heart:


Good to see. Let us know what you think…


iOS store does this, keep closing and reopen it will appear .


It’s great! Already created a goal :+1: good work looks lovely not to keen on the ios update haha but that’s apple not you :smirk:


Still waiting. No update showing in Apple Store either.


Within five minutes of posting, an update appeared. Installed it. Still no goals.

Maybe Starling know I am skint.


What version number is the app on your phone?


Will check in a moment. Another update has suddenly appeared. Trying to update now. The first three attempts failed.

Got it now, so will take a look.

Would be good if there was a way you could automatically send money to the savings pot. Maybe one for the future.


Are you able to access Goals ?


Yes. Got there in the end.

Thank you.


As per previous post, got there.

I am surprised though, that once your goal and target amount has been sent, you can’t see the target amount, and how close you are to it.

As per usual though, it could of course be me missing something.

EDIT - I am.