Where is my card PIN number?


I want to withdraw cash from an ATM. When I go into the app - the card section asks for a password to set the card pin number. I am stumped! Sorry its such a beginners question…


Good morning! You would have set up a 4 digit card PIN when ordering your card.

In the Card section of your app, you can use your Starling account password (also created during set up - letter/number/uppercase/lowercase combination) which will reveal the card PIN for a few seconds.


Thank you sir - has a lovely day. Let m look at my notes in my encrypted Wallet.


Yup got it!! Thank you Patrick. Silly me!!!


Yup = works!!! I guess cash withdrawing cost a pound or so. That’s what it said on the RBS ATM in Liss village.


Glad it worked.
There’s no Starling charges for cash withdrawals.
Always best to check if the ATM has a fee before choosing to proceed.


The warning you get when you take out cash is because most ATM’s can’t check if Starling charges or not - so they say you might be charged (not that you will be charged) by your card issuer.

It’s something that’s been reported to Starling and they said last month that from Feb Mastercard are doing stuff to fix it.

ATM’s that charge a fee (and will tell you what that fee is like £1.50 per transaction) will still charge you. This is just for those ‘free’ ATMs (i.e - most of the ones supplied directly by banks such as Natwest/RBS).


Oh yea! Thanks


Hi I have tried to do this however a message displays saying ‘Could not retrieve pin’ ???


Hey @Gabi_NJ

Welcome to the community! :raised_hands:

Where you’re not able to reveal your PIN, it’s likely you’re entering your password incorrectly.

Your password is 6-10 characters and a mixture of letters and numbers. You would have set it up when you opened your account.

If you can’t remember what it is, you can reset it by heading to Account Management > Login and Security > Forgot Password. :calling:


Thank you. Amazing quick response


Has this changed as my password is 20 with letters numbers and symbols?


Hi How long does it normally take to set a new password when you have sent your verification video?


We try to approve them as quickly as possible but might be a little longer in the evenings or at the weekend when there’s fewer of us around to watch for the requests coming in :eyes:


Is there a reason why there’s a maximum password length? This isn’t following password best practice at all.


One for us to check @LauraJ - I’ve just checked and my own password is actually 15 characters (and actually has been that way since I joined Starling in June 2017) so I think this may be some copy that we need to update.


Hi @alexandra. Since you plan to check on it, the company I work for have just updated their password policy for users. It’s so simple and gives the user a lot of freedom, whilst keeping their account secure. It is as follows:

  • Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
  • Your password can be as long as you need it to be.
  • You should not use a ‘commonly used’ password. The less predictable and more creative you are, the less likely your account is to become compromised, so make it a good one!
  • You can use white space.
  • You can use special characters.
  • You can use any letter case.


I’ve checked and the origination of this copy from a customer service perspective was to try and help customers differentiate between their PIN, passcode and their password; we’re going to work on the wording, so we can still help customers understand the difference.