Where has the chat queue gone?


Am I going potty, or has the in-app chat queueing system disappeared?



I’ve not seen that message before. @StarlingSupport?


All in the pub nearest to Starling HQ “testing” their new teal cards. It was either display this OOO message or blast Greensleeves down the app at you over and over…

I’m sure @StarlingSupport will get on it.

Edit: Beat me to it @Graham !


Whoops, small error on our side. If you refresh it you should be able to connect to a chat :grinning:


The end of the world is NOT nigh then…:grinning:

(We’ll keep that one to ourselves then eh? :+1::grinning:)


Thanks for the quick response, @LoganAllan! Surely I deserve the new teal card for the faux pas? #worthatry


How about we meet in the middle, a free Tesco Club Card?

You pay for the shipping though