When will we get 3D Secure?


Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever been successfully able to buy BTC through Coinbase via Starling? I see the logo and things are in use, but every time I try it I get declined, without a notification in app.



Is that at the MasterCard SecureCode screen?


I don’t know for sure…but I’m sure I read about 3D secure…someone else will know more… :slight_smile:


I think for Starling it may fail because of the lack of 3D Secure?

Although saying that TSB had the Visa equivalent and I still couldn’t buy Bitcoin with that account on Coinbase either. I had to visit a Bitcoin ATM just off of Regent St. the last time I wanted to buy some Bitcoin.

I’ll boot up my Mac, have a look at Coinbase and report back. :smile:

Yes, on the basis of the following error being correct; I’d guess Coinbase indeed does cancel the transaction due to the bank not having 3D Secure. :frowning: Although that still doesn’t solve why I couldn’t use my TSB account when I had it but… meh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I suppose so. Even though I’ve seen Starling accept a SecureCode payment before… And accept the liability.

Suppose I’ll use my HSBC (yuk, I know) and then thoroughly wash myself after each payment.


Hello. Starling will have 3D secure soonish. I just spoke to the dev and its in testing. I also have a coinbase account and its a pain to have to use my other bank card. :slight_smile:


Yay :tada::balloon::heart:️ Thanks for letting us know Steven. :slight_smile:


Will it be proper MasterCard SecureCode (fingers crossed) or your own in-house solution?


Hopefully implementation in a similar way to N26…


Probably MasterCard.


If it’s any help, Starling card works with Bitstamp. However the fees for paying by debit card are horrific though (8%). This still worked out as cheaper than a SEPA transfer from my nationwide account… and was instant.


Hi all,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the 3D secure work we are working on relates to using other debit cards to add money to your Starling account via the app.

What is being address but I cannot currently give you a timeline on is our own debit cards supporting Mastercard securecode. This is what might be affecting your purchase on Coinbase (for which we are sorry for the inconvenience). As soon as we have a better idea of timeline for this support I will update you.

Sorry again for the confusion on this thread.




This is really disappointing and is what is stopping me closing my HSBC account and fully relying on Starling.




Me too. I can’t make Starling my sole provider when I know there are paces that can’t accept it. It would be like painting myself into a corner. Even more annoyingly, there’s no partial switch yet on Android, and I’m certainly not about to start manually transferring everything over.

I’d love to make Starling my only account, as soon as all the basic features are there like knowing I’ll be able to use it wherever I need.


FYI Fidor are introducing Mastercard Secure Code on their UK cards in January


It feels odd having to move money back to the HSBC to pay some places.


So goodbye GPS? How do I get myself on the priority list? :wink:


That is not what she said, they are going to have SecureCode on top ups, not ditch GPS for payments


A premature celebration. :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:


Hopefully not telling you how to suck eggs but beware that getting your money back out of coinbase is likely to be next to impossible through the normal channels. You won’t be able to withdraw GBP either.

If you need to cash in, you’ll be best off moving your wallet contents to local bitcoins or similar and selling there. I know they’re insured but I’d not keep a large balance at coinbase (I like paper wallets). They can also be horrendously slow.

Coinbase don’t have a rubbish reputation and a mountain of complaints for no reason.