When does money actually become available


Can anyone tell me if they know when do wages or money coming into the account actually becomes available in my Starling account. My old Halifax account the money was normally available from 00.15. Also when does Starling have funds coming in on Monday available? NatWest used to have it available on Saturday until very recently.

Would appreciate any help.


My salary has always arrived just after midnight.


Yup a few minutes after midnight for me as well.


Yep. Typically 0.01am.


This depends on if your salary is paid by Direct Credit or by Faster Payment. Typically, it’s the former, which tends to arrive just after midnight. :slight_smile:


salaries are normally paid via bacs. if you have a set day of the month when your salary is to be paid then that’s when it will be cleared funds. for example my 1st direct account will show me that my payment is arriving 2 days before every 23rd but because its bacs and is paid every 23rd that when it is available. faster payments never show as pending as they are on most cases instant payments and they are available str8 away