When can I reapply for Starling?


So I’ve been told different things by 4 different people in the past 48 hours, to the point it’s becoming quite silly:

So I applied for Starling in Feb 2018, rejected. Applied again March, rejected. Applied once more final time in June, rejected.

I spoke to a man on help@starlingbank.com who told me I could re-apply 12 months from my INITIAL application (so I could re-apply Feb 2019). I then asked on live chat, this lady said 12 months from my final application, so this is different. Asked on twitter, I was told 12 months from my initial application. So 2-1 at the moment, then I asked again last night on my companies twitter:

“Hi there, 12 months from the decline, or the final time”

So I put a screenshot of the email and said I’ve heard different things to which they replied “That is a completely different situation” to which my response was:
“How so? It’s the same question, if I applied 3 times - can I apply from 12 months from the first one or the third one, he said first, you said third. So I’m not too sure which one it is”

To which then I asked them to clarify this process internally, because at the moment nobody really seems to know what is going on with the re-applying side… can someone please clarify as I want a straight answer and not to get an answer to then get another answer next year when I try to re-apply.

Really think this isn’t a difficult question to ask, surely staff should all say the same thing…


Can @StarlingSupport confirm the process?


Also, the second application automatically becomes void because of the first one, or so I heard.

Just an FYI to any future reader :slight_smile:


Out of interest, did anything happen in that time frame to make you think you’d be accepted?

Generally, if you’ve been declined it’s for a reason (even if you aren’t told what the reason is).


@LoganAllan are you able to help?


You could argue it both ways. You can reapply in 12 months from the initial application using the original mobile number (Feb 2019) but in your case, it seems you’ve bought additional SIM cards to try and apply. This will reset the 12 month timer as you have attempted to apply and you were declined again.

Do realise, that we have very few, and when I say very few, I mean very few cases of people obtaining more mobile numbers in an attempt to get another account and being declined each time.


Why would I buy new sim cards lol, I just used my work phone and my girlfriends mobile.

Also to ask why, I thought it was a one off decline, wasn’t aware of the 12 month policy until I asked and found out, I got something removed from my credit file after it was accidentally registered by my bank, it got removed and suddenly I could get credit again - so thought it’d be worth the shot :slight_smile:


Most banks and financial institutions have a restriction on when you can reapply, generally its 3 to 6 months, with Starling its 12 months. It is standard practice to have an exclusion period every single bank has one. Insurance companies do, Credit card companies do. It’s not unique to Starling, its just Starling is 12 months rather than shorter.


I do think 12 months is a little excessive. I hope Starling will review this in time. I think 6 months would be more reasonable.


Our advice is to hold off and apply 12 months after your latest attempt. Using a new mobile number isn’t the best way to get an account or attempt to get an account with us as your personal details should remain the same on each application.

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