What's holding you back from switching to Starling?


I had hoped to make the switch sometime this year; however, I feel there are a few things holding me back:

Cheques- I wish there was a way of scanning them in with my smartphone. I had that with my US bank when living abroad. I know, I know- we rarely get cheques, but just in case.

Web app- if I loose my smartphone it’s the end of the world! Falling back to the web would be ideal. Again, just in case.

What else is holding people back from switching?


Can’t fully switch to Starling until 2 things happen:

  1. A way to deposit physical cash without resorting to NatWest. (This will be the most difficult challenge)

  2. Mastercard SecureCode/3D secure is enabled.


I have technically ‘Switched’ to Starling, and use all the features that it offers. For areas which it doesn’t - I use my old Nationwide account, and then transfer across. Likewise - their bundled package I pay for every month.

So, I think its a case of yes I’ve swtiched, but I used other products to support it.


Well-timed post @Tim_B considering my situation with app issues with Barclays today:

I haven’t switched from Barclays for precisely those reasons you cite - no cheque imaging and lack of non-phone access.

Barclays have just pushed an app update that has crippled log in (mysterious ‘null 00103’ that even support doesn’t recognise) and that has also crippled cheque-imaging (app freezes on photographing cheque).

So, things do go pear-shaped with apps and without the fallback of Barclays web access, I wouldn’t be able to access my account or pay in cheques (I have to because of my customers) without visiting my (no doubt soon to close) branch.

Will switch as soon as bug-free imaging and alternative access are rolled out.


I also have Monzo and Nationwide.

Nationwide for their bundled package of roadside assistance and travel insurance.

Monzo- I like their save the change idea of rounding up money and putting it in a pot, I prefer the UI, and I was an early adopter.

One thing for sure- FinTech is shaking up banking. Im just waiting for the high street banks to get instant notification of transactions.


1 - Web app access
2 - DDs from goals
3 - Shared goals


DD from goals


Easier cash and cheque deposits urgently need to be introduced IMHO.


Post Office support should be coming very soon. Although I’m not sure what the plan is for cheque deposits. I’m hoping they will be possible at the Post Office as well.


1, Joint accounts (as if I need to say this again :slight_smile: )
2, Deposits (coming soon!)
3, Good recovery option if phone lost


That will surely be a game-changer…


That is what surprises me, I have recently returned to the UK after working in Europe for the past 20 odd years and having instant notifications albeit via SMS has been a standard in several countries high street banks.

Having delayed notifications is like being in the dark ages for me :wink:

I started off with Lloyds and changed to FD due to the usurious OD charges, however I see FD as a step backwards in phone app terms and also even longer delays in transactions appearing.

I have all my hopes on Starling but the key sticking point is Joint accounts before I can start the switch from FD.


Is this a feature they will be coming?


I won’t switch to Starling until there is the option to get a non-contactless card or alternatively until there is the function to switch off contactless payments (like with Revolut).


Once business goes live I will swap over from Lloyds in a instant!


Joint accounts.


DDs from Goals, Connected Accounts and Cash/Cheque deposits for me.


Joined way back in August last year but haven’t fully switched due to the lack of cheque support and no joint account. Have been watching for updates on a joint account since it was announced last year to be coming before Christmas 2017. Until that happens, my starling account is just a every now and then use account.


I know this is a tall order (if not an impossible ask) but I run a cash-based business. I currently pay in all my cash out of hours at my bank’s machine so I don’t have to go into town during peak hours when I can’t park. I use my Starling account as my daily personal spending account but can’t switch fully because of the cash situation.

  1. Rounding up change - like Monzo’s Coin Jar. It’s so handy and has helped me save up a lot of money without really noticing! I love it.

  2. Interest - my Nationwide CA gives me 5% interest, as does First Direct.

  3. Cashback. I get 1% cashback with Curve at 3 different retailers. I also get a whole bunch of cashback with both Santander and Halifax.

  4. Also, in case I need to deposit cash or a cheque, I need to keep my legacy bank accounts open.