What's happening to your customer service? :-/


Posting in here frustratingly seems to be the best way to get someone to take action looking at a recent discussion where another user has had a problem.

Starling made me breach a finance agreement yesterday by not allowing me to set up and make a payment to the lender.

Half-assed chat messages where someone just says sorry then goes silent, and absolutely no explanation or reassurance, really doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Is the team struggling to deal with the rate that you’re growing at? Or is being transparent and helping customers to understand what’s going wrong / why something isn’t working, just not a priority?

I’ve been a big Starling fan for some time now, and switched all my banking to them months ago. It’s been great before now, but I hope this isn’t an example of what usually happens when things go wrong :-/


This is far from ideal. I suspect that the rate of growth is putting a strain on things. That and not everything can be answered with an emoji. Interesting that you mention the chat experience; when I had an issue last week it was the replies from CS, not the overall handling of the issue that worried me so much.

That said. I’m thinking of opnening an account with a legacy bank for a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ situation.


Hi @printingdan,

We want to help out and are looking into your issue, and will be in touch via the app as soon as there is an update.

I also wanted to make you aware that with chats currently if a message from us in chat is not responded to within 5 minutes the conversation will cut off and show that the customer has left the chat to us.

We are working on this with our communication provider to improve this aspect of our chat, and we thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this.


Yeah that five minute thing gives the impression they’ve closed the call and give you you’re transcript. It infuriated me the first time…like hi yes we can see the issue sorry…here’s your transcript…me goes on forum rant…get update later from call about the issue.

Needs to be clearer the issue was still open and being looked at :slight_smile:


I prefer Zendesk or whatever it is they use at Monese


I thought Starling was using Zendesk?

Zendesk is normally very good. I don’t know if this is typical of Zendesk chat or whether Starling has implemented it in a particular way?

Many others are using Intercom.


Starling does indeed use Zendesk.


Well I don’t know what system Monese uses but it does not have that annoying timeout


Good to see Starling recognise the need to refine the chat function.


Monese uses Intercom. :slight_smile:


I do prefer the Intercom implementation. Many companies are using it and it works better from a customer perspective.


I think Intercom is designed as more of a ‘messaging’ service rather than ‘live chat’ service.

It can be used real-time but doesn’t insist on it like Zendesk does.


I don’t understand why there’s both a chat and a messaging system. I tried using both for the same issue with very similar results from my perspective, though preferred the messaging.

I guess if someone immediately answers chat and you have a vague issue that needs a conversation with quick back and forth, chat would be better?

But really these should be combined so you can message when there’s no-one around, and live chat if someone happens to be there, all from the same interface.


6 days later and I’ve still not heard from you or any of your colleagues Robin.


Hi @printingdan,

We’ve looked into this, and intended to update you when we have released the fix.

After investigation, we found that the payee that you were adding had an invalid structure due to a bug. We have now worked on a fix that is going out on Monday, would you be willing to test for us this fix upon release and let us know if you still experience the issue.

Our app does handle recreation of payees that have been previously deleted, and for now we do not think this is the cause.

I will also follow up in the app to confirm what I have said here.