What would you like from the Starling Community? ✨


Hello everyone. It’s great to see how well the community has taken off over the past few weeks, thanks to everyone for joining in and giving your feedback! :purple_heart:

Now I’m just looking through to see how we can keep the Starling Community organised and useful and also seeing what you’d like to see on here in the future. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! :sunglasses:

Travelling abroad with Starling Bank
Travelling abroad with Starling Bank

Take a look at the Monzo community and replicate what they do - I think they got the “social” aspect just right and this is what I feel is missing from Starling. It just feels “cold” compared to Monzo.


A good example is the ‘Travelling to XXXX with Starling’ idea. Already we’re getting real hands-on feedback from members travelling in foreign parts.

Many if not all of the ideas/feedback entries could be filed in specific sticky threads to ease searching and for general reference.


Personally I disagree here - Starling feels on the whole a much more professional and established bank whereas with Monza I am given the impression of a tech company trying to build a ‘cool’ bank.


Isn’t a “tech” company and a “cool” bank exactly what we want though? Otherwise you could just go to Nationwide or HSBC. In any case, being a tech company and a cool bank has worked very well for Monzo given all the hype about them.


I’d rather a bank that was financially viable, profitable and appealed to a wide customer base in order to grow and be able to invest in development over the long term.


Aren’t the legacy banks exactly what you’re looking for though? And being “cool” and profitable aren’t mutually exclusive IMO.


This Starling / Monzo debate will undoubtedly run and run. Let’s help James in his quest with concrete suggestions about structure of the forum et al…

On that point, it’ll allow colleagues to have pertinent conversations (such as the exchange of views above) if a moderator is able to actively relocate posts to more appropriate threads. A bit of live housekeeping perhaps?

I acknowledge that’ll require a greater Starling resource than currently, but we’re getting to that point now. The odd gentle reminder about off-topic items won’t upset us either, and it’ll help new members joining the community to get their bearings.


I totally agree with regarding them not being mutually exclusive although I feel presently the balance is overly weighted towards being cool with Monzo (I also am a Monzo customer) in a way that I don’t feel is sustainable. My point being that building a bank that we want to use is also about much bigger things than notifications and in-app graphics - it’s also about trust, stability and sustainability.


I think that in Monzo’s case, being “cool” is necessary to keep the hype until they’ve actually got a real product (the current account) launched. However personally I feel like Starling lacks the cool factor and I would definitely like them to have the cool factor as well.


I think I’d rather have a product that actually works and works well rather than a load of hype that doesn’t live up, which is exactly what Monzo is right now and exactly why I’m looking to move over to Starling.


Hi @JamesPratley: seeing (again!) the apparent divisive camps that exist, it might be good idea to create a topic where these kinds of squabbles can take place (and be moved to) without disrupting the main thrust of the actual on-topic thread (in this case, what we would like from the community). Maybe calling it something generic like “Challenger banks”. That noise isn’t going to go away anytime soon and personally I find it annoying as it adds no real value to what’s being discussed.

And as @Graham points out, some moderation might be in order? It shouldn’t really be necessary as we’re adults here, but hey… some of us might be more grown-up than others!


Monzo is what brought me here. What I have found in Starling is something which has the promise of Monzo, but in a more professional and cohesive manor. I still find it odd that Monzo make a big deal out of the ‘hot coral’ card, yet the colour doesn’t feature anywhere in the app - it just feels disjointed.

Regarding what I would like to see - yes, it would be good travelling abroad, but also online (as we have found with easyJet recently), and any issues around that.


I agree. Useful tips for that country such as ‘Starling in XXXX’ would be good. Travellers get tips about where cashpoints etc are and card usage in the area/country. Plus some light social use with hints and tips. Ideal.

It can be professional but also informative and fun without being tacky, then everyone should benefit.

Let’s get away from Monzo vs Starling and set up something we as users want. Both are separate and going their own way which is great.


I just so happy for this community to be launched when I joined and switched as main account. I think I am happy as it is but think moving certain topics to the right area would be good as well as maybe moderation. I am really stoked with how far you guys have come with features and the community so far.


Sure - I love the idea of having a thread for each country and this is something I’m aiming to get set up this week! :earth_americas:


That’s great news, James. Thanks.


With regards to the debate around Starling & other FinTechs… I’d encourage you folks to create a new thread in the “Everything Else” section for this, but obviously do mention other FinTechs if it’s relevant! This will make sure that the other threads stay tidy. We might add more sections soon, if so I’ll make sure it’s moved across. :nerd_face:


Yep. With all the enthusiasm around, its proved to be all too easy for a thread to drift into the ‘A v B’ discussion. This way we can put them in one place.