What sets Starling apart from Monzo?


I have both accounts. I actually started with Monzo, but decided to switch to Starling after I found out you guys had Apple Pay and Monzo was taking way too long to get it.

Other than Apple Pay, what sets Starling apart from Monzo?

Monzo still has a lot of features that I want, as does Starling so I’m keeping both open until one completely fulfils all my needs and works for me!

  • Current Account Switch Service
  • Interest (payable on positive balances)
  • Overdrafts (widely available - not just a test)
  • International Payments (including an IBAN and BIC to receive)
  • Apple Pay (including in-app provisioning - first UK bank to offer this)
  • Cash Deposits (currently via NatWest - Post Office coming soon)
  • Free foreign ATM withdrawals (Monzo charge 3% after £200)

I have probably forgotten a few things… :slight_smile:


Starling are a more diverse business, they have Starling Payment Services & Merchant Services. @Ben + Business accounts.


I started out with Monzo but firmly with Starling Bank now as my main account. Apart from the all the above I find the android design far more mature with Starling. I would love Monzo to catch up and provide some competition.


For me, I generally prefer Starling’s ethos (although their communication is lacking a bit sometimes), but in terms of concrete features, by far the biggest for me is the payee management. Monzo’s is nonexistent, Starling’s is great.

Starling’s Android app has also been improving quickly, whilst in my opinion (others will disagree), Monzo’s has been getting worse.

Also, what @Ben said


I agree. Really dislike the Android UI of Monzo. But Monzo offer three crucial features (for me) that Starling haven’t yet delivered and two of them render Starling spending analytics absolutely useless:

  • The ability to categorise incoming payments
  • The ability to categorise standing orders and direct debits
  • Coin jar!


I agree - their branding doesn’t feel cohesive anyway. They should just go all in on ‘hot coral’.

Remember, that with the extra business ventures Starling are heading into, it means that there is less pressure to start charging on the current account - so its a win, win for everyone.


Fitbit Pay :wink:


Wholeheartedly agree with above posters on the Android UI for Monzo. It’s horrific and very poorly thought out. Starling’s app is very much more “mature” and usable.

There seems to be more promise of a sensible conversation about joint accounts here too :wink:


Overdraft! Really cheap :+1:t2:


I switched for the thought of Garmin Pay. Starling look like they’ll be first to implement this. However, If Monzo get their first then I’m back with them.


Hopefully Samsung Pay comes first!


Spoke too soon! Just waiting for a Starling coin jar now!


I’ve just been made eligible for a Monzo overdraft and am astounded at their overdraft fees (compared to Starling). I’d go as far as saying mental! So glad I moved to Starling for this reason alone. Greed.


How were you made aware that you were eligible for the Monzo overdraft? Did it pop up as a notification?


Yes, push notification and notification in “Home”:


I had this today! Must have been a big push for their overdrafts today.