What scares you about money? 🕷


Happy Halloween everyone! :jack_o_lantern:

In true October-31st fashion, I thought I’d open a conversation about something which many of us are afraid to discuss… money. :grimacing:

As you know, at Starling we’re all about seeing your money clearly and putting you in control of your hard earned pounds and pennies. Our vision is to give everyone the opportunity to live a healthy financial life.

What do you find spooky about your money? Is checking your balance too chilling? Terrified about your treat spends? How are your taking control of the situation? I’d love to hear your thoughts! :ghost:


What scares me about money :moneybag: is when there’s to much month and not enough money :blush: happy Halloween @JamesPratley :jack_o_lantern:


For me it is the germs on hard currency and the possibility coins or notes are counterfit.

For electronic banking I love standing orders but hate direct debits. I prefer to be in control.


What scares me is that it’s essentially a massive pyramid scheme. There is zero intrinsic value in a pound. I could do everything right, save a lot of money, invest prudently, but a stockmarket crash or a couple of years of hyperinflation could make that all worthless. These events are unlikely in the UK (or USA, Australia etc), but over the course of a lifetime the chance is not negligible.


mortgages :house_with_garden:

All that debt tho! :ghost:


How easy it is to spend after a few beers. Thankfully the nagging from the starling app cuts it short nowadays.


What scares me about my money is that as soon as I get paid, it disappears! :eyes:


Good answers folks - completely agree that money disappears too easily! I’ve put quite a lot of my pennies away in Goals so that I don’t spend it on treats. :grimacing:

Here’s one thing we shouldn’t be scared of though… current account switching! :money_with_wings:


unfortunately I still see good old fashion loyalty as a sticking point


A bills pot for DD, better pulse functionality and successful beta would clinch it for me. I’d have to keep a legacy amount for the rare occasion I need to get a large amount of cash out.


Having to carry money as a back up


Likewise and an Oyster card. (An old back-up plan since I started having a current account at the age of around 16-17?)

On the plus side TfL’s recent Oyster app is surprisingly both pretty and useful.


Not having enough - as usual