What’s your business or side hustle?



Does anyone else not find it odd that we had this and at least one other thread about side hustles and at the beginning of the thread @sarah.guha says sole traders, all of the previous discussion has been focused on sole traders and yet the Starling Business Account doesn’t allow sole traders?!?

I can’t think of many people who run their ‘side hustle’ as a Limited Company?


I agree. I’m really quite disappointed that sole traders can’t sign up for business banking yet, having got myself really quite excited at the prospect.

There really should have been much better communication certainly on this forum and perhaps via email to those who gave their addresses for early access, around what was happening to manage expectations with regard to a staggered launch. As has been brought up before, there wasn’t even any form of announcement saying about the launch event unless you happened to be on Facebook(!).

Even now, the only announcement of the launch seems to be a forum post buried in one of the business threads confirming that the launch has happened. Where’s the fanfair?

I wonder if someone from Starling would be good enough to give a thorough rundown of plans now, including an estimate of when other business types including small-scale sole traders will be able to sign up, and perhaps commit to better updates from now on? It makes a bit of a mockery of this forum community if not, IMO.


Agreed. Considering the initial post says “We’re launching business accounts for sole traders and small businesses in early 2018” this Ltd-only launch and lack of clear comms is very disappointing :frowning:


I run my business as a side line along with my normal day job. Business grew purely by accident as I was looking for reliable web hosting & stream servers, various prices later, I decided it would be better to run my own dedicated server(s). Told a few FB contacts about it and they asked if I could host for them. So there it started and steadily growing, at least enough to cover the outgoings :slight_smile:


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