What’s your business or side hustle?


We’re launching business accounts for sole traders and small businesses in early 2018.

And we’re keen to hear about the kind of businesses you run. Is it a side hustle on top of your 9-5, or a full-time passion? Are you starting on a new venture, or is your company well-established? Whatever your inspiration is, and whatever’s pushed you to run with your dream, we want to hear it! Links & pictures are most welcome.

What’s your pitch? We’re all ears!


I’ll get the ball rolling, although I don’t have a business and it’s barely a side hustle…

I recently took up silversmithing/jewellery making as a hobby :ring:
I’ve started selling a few things on Etsy mainly as a way to help me fund the hobby further. I’m not planning to give up the day job any time soon, but could see it as a way to supplement my income whilst doing something I enjoy. :slight_smile:


Amazing, there are so many people who are selling on Etsy or eBay, but wouldn’t class themselves as a business with business account needs. It’s exactly people like you that we want to extend access to our account to, and give you tools to make managing that easier.


I’d be interested to see what benefits a business account would bring. At the moment I just use a different account to make sure any purchases or sales are kept separately from the rest of my money


Not really a business, but I play in an originals band who earn a little bit of money here and there from gigs/publishing/royalties etc :guitar:

Not enough to quit the day job (yet!), but we do have a spare normal current account which we use to track our money/make expenses payments from.


I don’t own a business but I’m a mechanic

I also do a vehicle Diagnostics Service(scanning vehicle for fault codes etc) a lot cheaper than the extortionate prices garages charge for the same service :joy:


I’m a Freelance Video Engineer.

I work in live events and TV with LED screens and projectors, that sort of big screen stuff.

Long hours, fun work!


I volunteer as a radio producer with a radio station in London; it’s fun and I’ve learnt a lot of new skills I’d otherwise not have over the three or so years I’ve been there.

I’m unpaid for doing this, so it’s less a business or side hustle; but it’s pretty fun and a totally different sideline to my day to day paid work. :slight_smile:


I take photos. Lots of photos.

Hope to make a side business out of it but need to find a main job that can accommodate that.

This is a pic of my boy I took :slight_smile:


I posted that on my mobile so sorry if it’s massive!


That’s a first class photo!

Seriously. It’s excellent.


Thanks, Johnny. I’d like to have my own studio so I take this hobby a bit more seriously. :grin:


I am a Getty photographer, again a very small side hustle, a hobby really,

Here are some of my pictures:
Travel Photography


Great show, Daniel.


Will check out the pics!


How did you go about getting that job if you don’t mind me asking?



You’ve got a talent there. Do you think you’d go with Studio photography or go into like Wedding Photography or a bit of everything?

I enjoy taking photos just wish I made time to be better at it!


Thanks! I would go into Wedding Photography but can’t really afford the kit. I use a D7000 and a 17-55mm f2.8 and you’d probably need a back up to that which is just too much.

Studio work would be my main goal with a lot of post production. I enjoy using Photoshop etc and have seen an amazing project someone did with children dressed up which i’d love to do…


Yeah I know what you mean. I’m planning my Wedding at the moment and am getting on really well with our Photographer and didn’t realise how much kit you need to do it right. A lot of people on Wedding related Facebook pages are always complaining about the cost of photographers but I don’t think they realise how much effort goes into it.

This looks pretty (beeping) amazing! If you get the opportunity to do something like that it’d be great and I imagine very rewarding for everyone involved! Putting smiles on people’s (and particularly kid’s) faces is always so gratifying. You should definitely keep us up to date if it comes up! I’d be happy to throw a few quid in a JustGiving or something like that to help it get off the ground!


Nice one! I definitely spread the word. The good thing about this idea is that I can rock up at shows with a travel studio (pop up screen etc) and just get images. The rest of the work is all done at home on my Mac so should be a fun idea.

Gonna have a good think about it!

Good luck on your wedding! :slight_smile: