What’s next?


What’s being worked on for the next release? :slightly_smiling_face:

Update or new features? :eyes:


bump :grin:


There are so many possibilities :slight_smile:


I equally want to know and don’t want to know and be surprised.

I can’t have it both ways. :stuck_out_tongue:


At risk of sounding like a stuck record, I just want to be able to pay bills from a pot. Every other update, to me, is just “nice”. But that will be a life changer.

In my opinion. :blush:


Same here. As soon this is put in place, I’ll move all of my Direct Debits over.

Would like to be able to assign different DDs to different Goals.


I would like to see notes, and I think this has been hinted at in a recent screenshot in a blog post. I think many people would find this useful, and it’s one of the few features from Monzo that I miss.

Monzo allow photos to be attached to transactions as well. I’m not so sure that I would use this, but I can see that it could be useful for snapping receipts for work expenses, etc.


Me three…As soon as I can do that, I’ll close my legacy account used purely for bill payment now and move over.

Even if I have to manually calculate each month who much to put into the ‘bills’ pot and move it across each payday, that’ll be good enough for me (it’s not exactly hard to do that in the app!).


I’d like the ability to send merchant corrections directly from the transaction in the app. Would really make things easier.


In-app submission is planned! :slight_smile:


@JamesPratley is there a strict embargo on visibility to any roadmap or development from Starling’s perspective? I spent the weeks leading up to Goals with great anticipation and excitement as to what difference it would make to me. Now I must admit to feeling a little flat as I have no idea as to what’s coming next other than a series of “we’re working on it” rhetorics. Not a moan by any stretch, just my expectations were set over previous development/releases.
Keep up the good work

P.s. what does a man need to do to qualify for Starling socks? Never been one for sock envy, but seeing @Joe_Merriman’s photo recently made me realise how bland my black socks are


Glad you liked my photo :slight_smile: :socks:


Great question @Chappers78. No, there’s not a strict embargo on this, in fact many of the points raised in our product roadmap blog are being worked on right now - including international payments and adding more partners to our marketplace, plus iterations of Goals & Payments too. There’s a lot going on here and we should be able share more details with you very soon! :slight_smile:

P.s. we’ve had a lot of requests for our socks. Leave it with us! :wink:


Yes…I have twice haha


21 days since last app update…wonder what’s coming…


Pebble Time Strap payments next


Did you ever think you would grow up to to be a troll on a forum for a bank you don’t use? :joy:


Yes, one of lifes ambitions now fulfilled.


Well it’s not sexy but we were promised this last week -

So there should be a new version released imminently at least to fix this bug.


I still have a Pebble…