What’s gone wrong with the forum!


You can’t read any posts because it seems a background image is now set on each post!

Surely it can’t be intentional!


I don’t see any background image



Fine on mine


No background here on either Brave / Chrome on Android.
Maybe log out/in … clear cache?


Working fine in Chrome on my Pixel 2 XL and on my Windows laptop.


I’ve had a quick look at the settings for the forum and can’t see anything that would do that!?

@markmcdowell if possible could you log in via a PC or via a different web browser and report back? Thanks.

I think it looks like your using the Discourse app there?


It might be a setting you accidentally enabled, or a browser extension


This is just using safari on iOS. For each category I see the image for it.

E.g. ideas and feedback I see the pen and paper underneath it


@markmcdowell Safari in your screenshot looks really weird. I’d associate @Gallifreyangirl’s previous screenshot to be the way Safari typically looks by default.


@StarlingSupport can you assist @markmcdowell


This is how it looks on iPhone X.

iPhone X is most probably the issue here, I have a few issues with the forum being too close to edges but this one just appeared.


I’m also using an X but don’t have this issue. Might be worth clearing history and website data from Settings > Safari


Wow; who’d Apple pay for that UI. :face_vomiting:


Also using the X and again, no problems for me.


Hi all - just looking into this now!


We can’t seem to replicate it from our side either, on iPhone or Android. Could you try clearing your cache or rebooting your phone and let me know if it’s still appearing? Thanks!


Yeah I cleared my cache and it’s back to normal. Weird I thought I picked up a newer version.


I have iPhone X and it’s fine


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