What happens when someone clicks the Settle Up link I have sent them?



Receiving a request to pay (Starling Customer)

When a Starling Bank customer gets a Settle Up link from another Starling customer they can click on the link and the request will open up in the Starling app.

You’ll be taken to a request screen displaying the person’s profile who is requesting money. The person receiving the request can choose to accept the request and pay them instantly. When paying someone back you can enter or edit the amount, add a personal note, and simply tap the pay button to send money.

You’ll receive a notification when your payment is complete and you’ll see the amount in your daily spend Pulse and your transaction feed.

Receiving a request to pay (Non-Starling Customers)
If you’re not a Starling Bank customer, just tap on the link in the message you receive to open up a webpage with the profile of the person sending you a Settle Up request.

To make a payment select ‘Let’s Go’ and set or edit the amount you wish to pay the Starling Customer and add a personal message for them. You’ll then be asked to choose your payment method - you can choose from any UK debit card to send money.

Once you’ve entered your payment details and submitted your payment you’ll get an on screen confirmation, and as soon as the payment completes you’ll get a reciept by email to the email address you provided.