What features can you expect next from Starling?


Want to know what we have planned at Starling for the next 12 months? From virtual cards and digital wallets, to the new Savings Goals feature, we have a lot coming up. We’ve given you a brief roadmap update in our latest blog, and we’d love to hear what you think?

What’s next?

The ‘connected accounts’ sounds very interesting. I have a joint account with NatWest used for nothing else other than paying bills. I guess that this will work the same with connected accounts, it’s just a new name?

If there is any money left in the ‘connected accounts’ after a set date could it be moved to a savings account?


Yeah, ‘Connect Accounts’ is a fascinating idea. Like a virtual joint account both of you would have access to, but I assume neither has access to the other’s real account?

Savings Goals, Apple Pay and Under 18s accounts are all great too - go Starling :smiley:


I’m super excited for Apple Pay and connected accounts.


We’re still defining exactly what our connected accounts will do, but we think that opening a separate joint account and the process you have to go through to do that seems a lot, when you consider what most people actually use a joint account for. Understanding the most common uses, and your experiences will be really useful whether it’s bill paying, household expense management etc…


We use our join account purely for paying bills only via DD and transfer each month to it via SO.


i think it just needs to be kept very simple. Allow people pay money in, see where it’s going and compare over previous months. Having any left over money switched over to a savings account would be good though. Say all your bills are gone by the 10th, anything from the 11th is moved.


Connected accounts has been discussed a lot across at Monzo. I think the ability to have a time period of permanent is a good idea.

So a group holiday could have multiple people saving for something 3 months away or a joint account with the other half is permanent.

You could also have a payment concensus option for using funds that are linked to another account so one member doesn’t run off with it all.

Lots of possibilities and a real area of true innovation.


Does having access to funds others contribute to not also affect your credit rating which may seem like a good idea on paper and to be honest I thought wow good idea when I read your post but in hindsight how feasible is something like that?


The connected accounts and the accounts for under 18s are the most exciting


I think it is interesting to see how Dutch bank Bunq allow users to create new accounts online and multiple people link them to their main account and debit card etc it is so versitile but also comes with it’s own distinct account number!


Apart from the current account, are you considering any other financial products like mortgages or ISAs?


When (if ever) do you plan to launch an Apple Watch application? Thanks :slight_smile:


Check here ✅ Apple Pay support coming soon

They are currently testing the Apple pay integration and it will include Apple watch functionality.


Hi mate. No. You will be able to use Apple Pay and notifications on Apple Watch. But full application to check remaining balance? Like Nationwide, Barclays…


Really good to read. Love the idea of goals and connected accounts. I’d use a joint account for shared bills and a spending pit I share with my partner. Be nice to see shared goals also to save towards a holiday for example. Keeping your own money to one side on top of this. Would be nice to see an update to the payments section that allows you to save a reference number instead of input every time also.


Agree again at @Stevibobs that a saved reference will be helpful certain bills where you need the same reference number.


Hi Ollie, We recently announced our plans to have a marketplace where partner companies can integrate with our open APIs to provide other services and products like investments, insurance, credit scoring and so on. You can find out more about on site here: https://www.starlingbank.com/marketplace/ and read about our launch event last week on our blog https://www.starlingbank.com/marketplace-event-recap/


Hi Sarah,

How do i go about integrating the products currently in the marketplace?

Also can you share what other sorts of products are in the process of being integrated? Credit scoring sounds great. I invest using Fidelity and would love to be able to integrate my account with them.


The Marketplace isn’t available yet in the app, last week was our kick off to engage interested partners who will have services available in our marketplace later in the year. As we engage with partners we’ll announce them so keep an eye out, and keep letting us know what you would find useful to have integrated.

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