What do you want to see more of?


Our blog allows us to share exciting news, explore topics related to managing your money, and explain new features - what do you want to see more of?

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Not so much more of, but seeing anything regarding personal current accounts…
What are the upcoming features, if any


I would like to see more sneak peeks on upcoming features, this is a great way to create a buzz and gather valuable feedback. :slight_smile:


I want to see more of Starling actually sticking to what it stated at the start to do it differently and right. So far it’s been very up and down, and still over a year later notifications have not improved much, the feed has been made worse on Android, there has been lack of transparancy, its all very hush hush.

So if there is one thing I would like to see more off, its actually more information on what is coming, not maybe, not in months, not maybe next year. Just a bit more than we don’t know, or we don’t want to tell you.

When I say more information I should add, not just about Business accounts, its been very business centric so far this year.


Monzo have a good balance with a mix of personal current account features, education, sneak peeks and monthly roundups.

Bulb do some nice posts around bulb heroes taking a closer look at their team, I’d like to see this happen with the opportunity then to ask live questions on the community.

Idea feedback would also be nice, share early concepts for feedback from customers to help shape it.

Blogs about issues raised on the community (pay at pump issues etc).

Behind the scenes info, how you built products etc (making Monzo style)

Marketplace stories

Starling product specific stories (how people use goals for example)

How you built roundups…

Just make sure it’s balanced - not business posts all the time.



I’ll resist the urge to reference Monzo’s marketing too much - But @Cragmireuk makes some valid points. (Edit - Sorry, there is no way I can’t use them as a reference!)

I think the biggest thing for the majority of customers is simply how the current account works, constantly updating us with what features you are working on, and sneak peaks as to how these new features might look.

Yes other banks might do pieces on education around certain banking practices, or focus on a “niche” service that will only be of interest to a minority of people - But I personally don’t find this communication AS valuable (I’m sure others will find it valuable to them).

The examples I’ll give are related to Monzo - I use these examples because I don’t regularly follow the other banks.

  1. Today’s informational piece on charge backs - I haven’t read it, and it’s of little interest to me - It’s nice they can do it, but it doesn’t make me excited to use their service (it’s very much an added benefit that no one cares about, but is nice to have…).

  2. The recent feature focus around Gambling blocks - This stirred up quite a bit of discussion on the Monzo forum (and here), but I barely read the marketing communication - It doesn’t affect me directly, and it wouldn’t attract me to their service.

However… There have been numerous occasions recently where the sneak peaks of new features, the commitment (with time frames) from developers/staff, and the consistent minor feature upgrades have all generated a lot of buzz, and would absolutely make me want to be their customer.

So to recap - What I’d want to see:

• A lot more communication on the current account (even old features which are very useful).
• Sneak Peaks of upcoming features - These are features that are absolutely 100% coming in the next few months - There is nothing worse than saying "Apple Pay is “Coming Soon”, but as Ronan Keating once sang… “If Coming Soon, never comes…” At least… I’m sure they are the words :wink:
• A constantly updated road map with plans for the future - Nothing too set in stone, but it’s nice to know if features are on your radar - If they are, you may find more people start to talk about it, and all of a sudden, that feature becomes the number 1 requested thing!

Lastly, as the majority of people on here (who comment at least), feel that the business accounts get too much air time, perhaps you could have a “Business Section” on the blog.

This means you don’t need to send 2 blogs out (1 customer, 1 business), and you can combine them both on the same blog.


the infamous green button is a trivial example of how little starling cares about our feedback. pretty much at the same level with Revolut.


Yes, I hope they bring back the swipe up soon, I still hate the button despite persevering with it thru necessity.


THIS! :weary:


I’m currently in a phase of trying to swipe up a few times, remembering it won’t work, and closing the app. In the time it takes me to realise I can’t swipe I would’ve normally seen what I want and closed the app anyway. Life is too short and I feel that the green button is trying to deny me a chunk of mine. :skull: :skull:


I’d like better engagement with the community - more information about upcoming features, what’s being actively worked on, etc.

What I love about Starling is that they don’t charge fees for anything other than using an agreed overdraft facility. When Monzo introduced foreign ATM withdrawal fees it really turned me off them.


Monzo are great at creating a buzz and taking people on a journey. I’d like to see more posts that generate excitement and get people talking.


Just to echo what others have said above really - more previews, more engagement.

One of the things stopping me from fully switching at the moment is the quietness on this community when issues are raised, and when questions are raised about changes (dare I mention a certain button?) Appreciate staff can’t spend all day looking at a forum, but I’ve seen other companies that respond within a few minutes - especially when issues are raised. It gives a bit of reassurance not just that customers are being heard, but that you’re still there. For the most part


I was wrong. To my shock Revolut now lets users participate on the future development of their app, something that starling has refused many times.

seriously, how can revolut be more open than Starling? I’m not talking Monzo, REVOLUT!


Shocking thought that, I nearly fainted lol


What do you want to see more of?

Green Buttons. I want everything to be accessed by a big green button. Literally everything. Nothing is to be spared the green button treatment. Then i want to sit back and watch this community lose its mind.

Also, banning any mention of Monzo. But maybe allowing mention of Monzo for a short while when they decide to change their hideous coral colour to the same shade green as the green button because they so desperately want to emulate the Starling green button that people here barely notice exists…


Dare I say? 've got used to the unloved little green button🤗




Green button??

What green button?? :thinking: