What do you use your Starling account for?


Just wondering now that this has sorted of ‘settled’ in, what sort of use are you using your Starling account for?

Have you transferred everything over to Starling and it’s your main bank account?
Are you waiting for something they’ve announced to go live before you switch (Savings Goals? Improvements to Android app/Android Pay/Account Transfer?)
Is it an account you don’t intend to make your main account unless they introduce a feature (maybe already discussed on here, maybe not) that they’ve not said they’re working on (Better budgeting options?)
Or do you just have an account because you’re interested in seeing how the company develops but don’t intend to make it your main account (a sort of ‘spending money’ account only?)

  • Currently my main account - Love it!
  • Want it to be my main account - but waiting for a specific announced feature to be launched
  • Would like it be my main account - would move across if they included feature ‘X’
  • Interested in Starling and have a basic account - but not intending to make it my main account

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Apart from direct debits, my monthly salary and a standing order from my parents going into my old account I use Starling for all my daily spending.

I currently on payday move the section of my salary I think I will spend in a month over to Starling, leaving enough for the direct debits and send the rest into savings.


For me, I’ve said I would love to move across - if it had ‘Feature X’.
That feature is better automated budgeting.

So, what I really want is an account where it goes 'Right - you’ve been paid £X amount, your bills for the money are ‘£Y’ leaving you ‘£Z’ divided by days until next payday (£Za) and then you can ‘spend’ 7*£Za each week. Then make available to spend that amount each monday.

I’m doing all that manually at the moment with spreadsheets and my existing main account.


I have transferred all my dds and my salary to starling and using as my main bank account. Will likely in next few weeks close my legacy bank. I use the account for all my spending too.


Savings goals/the ability to separate savings out from the main account balance. I have multiple savings accounts for different purposes at the moment and would like to be able to consolidate them.
Equally some helpful budgeting/forecasting would be good although it’s not hard to do myself the ability to for example tag chunks of money at the start of the month that I know are going to be needed later in the month so that they are effectively already removed from my live balence (e.g. weekend away/wedding).
Oh and being able to set a month to be payday to payday on everything except statement exports…


I’m using Starling as my main account where my salary is paid in. However for day-to-day spending I top up my Monzo and use that instead - I find the spending view/transaction list on Starling awful.


Starling is now my only personal bank account. I have switched/closed my Barclays, Lloyds and Metro accounts using the Starling switch service. In total, 14 Direct Debits and 6 Standing Orders have been moved over to Starling without any issue.

The payment forwarding with the switch system works perfectly. I got a friend to send a few test payments to my closed Barclays and Lloyds account details, and in every case it arrived within just a few seconds as a faster payment. Brilliant system.

I couldn’t possibly be happier with Starling.


I use as my main account, when I read about them what was the stand out feature for me was the Starling pulse, the fact that each time I used my card it immediately updated my balance was a winner, I was constantly previously forgetting I’d bought something on card to only find out a few days later when it was actually processed. I switched there and then even relinquishing my interest free overdraft. Never looked back


Pretty much where I am, Ben. Wait till you see your first statement (unless you already have).

A thing of beauty. :+1:


Would like a cash card account for those that can’t get a normal account


Hopefully I’ve moved my salary (I’ll find out in a week) and some of my direct debits that don’t earn me cashback with Santander.

I’ll just keep spending money in Starling for now, I’ve still got Santander as my central account and other smaller accounts dotted around for the interest.

Still really trying to work out how Starling/Monzo will fit in to my multi-account life.


I joined Starling on 22nd May and was fully switched by early June :smiley:


I’m just testing with some basic transactions. At the moment Starling is definitely an Alpha so it’s far too soon to consider using it as my main account. Happy to give advice on what they need to do but there’s still a long way to go to capture my business.


We’ll share some ideas with you next week on this @Stephen_Clifford


That’s awesome Ben, so pleased you’re getting value from it!


Any reason you’re afraid to use it as a main account? So far it’s doing the job perfectly for me, and does everything my legacy bank did so I’m definitely not loosing anything.


I currently use mine as my spending account, i transfer all my disposable income to it. Love seeing exactly how much I spending!


I get my salary paid into my joint Santander 123 account.
Once I leave mortgage, bills etc in that I transfer my spending money to Starling and am using that as my day to day debit card. So far so good!


Not afraid. The implementation is just some way off yet and not much different from an established bank. I’d also want to see the third party card processor replaced since they’re not that reliable.


Starling is my main current out for everything (other than savings currently) and I absolutely love it it’s a beauty.