What do you use each account for?


I have no idea what section I would write this in. So I do apologise!!
If you have more than 1 current account what do you use each account for?
I recently opened a starling and Monzo account and I’m stuck which 1 to use as my main spending account as I want to use both!! I have my Halifax account for my bills but also thinking of switching that to either starling or Monzo!!


I have a Halifax which my wages go into and my DIrect Debits go out of. I then automatically transfer the rest by a fixed Standing order to my Starling which is then automatically separated into my saving goals and monthly pots (just goals used as monthly pots for tracking what I have left for going out, groceries, etc).


Hi Barry

You’ll find my response to your salary question on the Monzo forum.

To be honest, you’d be better placed playing around with both and exploring their relative features before making any move. There need be no rush to jump ship from your Halifax account.


I just read your reply graham on Monzo, I’m just new to these 2 banks and I’m really enjoying what they offer!! Appreciate all the feedback


I have my main account with Starling but at the moment the main bulk of savings are in nationwide in higher interest accounts


I have my main account with Starling ( I transfer my DD money into a goal and move money back when a DD is taken) but I transfer my monthly food budget into my Monzo account.
I find it easy this way to keep track of my ’ spending ’ money.


I too have a Nationwide account, which I have Travel Insurance / Mobile Insurance connected to, along with a couple of savings accounts. I also use it for things which are difficult / or impossible to do with Starling/ or fintech alternatives (like banking cash and cheques) quickly.
Also have a Monzo account which I used until I switched to Starling last May, but I only use it in an emergency (if Starling is down, or wont accept the card - which is rare!).


@AshleyQuint, the mobile insurance with the FlexPlus account is the one thing stopping me from doing a full switch! I’ve shopped around and no other mobile phone insurance provider comes close.


Starling is the only bank account I have. I use it for everything now. The ability to deposit cash at the Post Office would really complete it.


Well played, Liam.:+1:


Why not swap everything to Starling and simply send £13 per month back to Nationwide to pay for the insurance?


That’s what I’m on the verge of doing :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I do - a standing order for £13 to Nationwide goes out on 28th of each month - just like any other bill. From 2nd - 27th of each month my FlexPlus account normally has a nil balance.


Well I tried to put my details in at work as we need to put our bank details in on a computer but when I tried to save them it said “please enter a valid sort code” very disappointed it was also doing the same with my Monzo account :disappointed:


Are you trying to change your bank details with your payroll provider?


Hi joe
I am but the sort code is not a valid one to them


Please raise this with CS, if you haven’t done so already. I would suggest speaking with your HR / payroll department and ask them to update their sort code and account numbers. Any other suggestions anyone?


Other than my legacy joint account, I’m all starling, as soon as joint accounts are launched and I can talk my wife into getting a starling account we will all be starling. Goals are brilliant for budgeting.


My German Account (N26): My pay gets into it since Starling doesn’t have dual currency and/or no sepa transactions yet.

Starling: Direct debits, everything else in GBP

Fire: Just to test, it sucks but in case my work really wanted an Irish iBAN.

I closed my monzo account about 2 weeks ago because I don’t use it much since they dont offer apple pay


My main current account is with First Direct. This is where my salary goes and where my personal direct debits and bills are paid from. The app is “just OK”, and online banking is average and dated. The security setup for apps/online is a bit finicky with a lot of different things to remember for different parts of it.

My girlfriend and I also have a joint account with TSB, for our shared bills and general spends. Every month we each send the same amount of money from our own current accounts into it - to cover our outgoings plus a bit more. The main reason we’re with TSB is for the rewards - £10 cashback every month and reasonable in-credit interest. The app is decent, and online banking is fine too.

I have both Starling and Monzo accounts - one of which will, hopefully, replace First Direct for me. I’m alternating between the two for my own personal spending, just to see how I get on with them. I haven’t decided which one yet - there are still a number of small things each one needs to do before they work completely for me.

I also have a Tide account for my part-time self-employed business and I’ve had no major problems with it. The built-in invoicing functionality in the app is rather poor though at the moment, so it’s best to just ignore it and use something like Pandle, Wave, Kashflow, FreeAgent etc.