What are you saving for with Starling Goals? 💰


Good evening everyone!

As you know, Savings Goals was launched a few weeks ago, and just yesterday we launched scheduled payments to Goals on iOS - bringing it level with the Android experience. :raised_hands:

We’re already making progress on our goals in the office. Holidays are particularly popular and we’ve also got another Starling Wedding coming up! :bride_with_veil:t2:

Now we’re wondering what you’re saving for… A city break? A new bike? A gift for someone special? Whatever it is…we want to hear it!


My first car and a new phone!


Car Insurance
Rainy Day Fund
Partners 50th next July


I currently have a rainy day fund set up; so far it’s topping up nicely. :slight_smile:


I’m using it to split quarterly/yearly bills to ensure I don’t spend it!

  • Christmas
  • New windows fund
  • Travel fund
  • Rainy day fund
  • Opals

Not really goals to save towards, but am using the goals feature to separate money out and mange payments:

  • Monthly Bills (topped up at start of the month and then transferred out when the bills direct debit is taken from my account)
  • Other Spending (topped up at start of the month and then transferred to main account on weekly basis)
  • Creditcard repayment


I’ve got a couple of short-term goals: the missus’ 30th Birthday Night Out and some upgrades to my MacBook Pro and long-term goals: Portugal Holiday and Wedding!


A new road bike after my last was stolen in France! A new camera, a f##k off fund (example: mechanic after MOT: “That’s going to set you back £500” - Me “Ah F##k off!”), next years holiday. I’m seeking out reasons to save more than ever!


I’ve currently got a couple of Goals, a holiday and a new Apple MacBook Pro. I’m getting closer to that shiny new machine :smiley:


Mexico in the summer, so just spending money for that is my main one.

A new chromebook, I don’t need to save for that, but it makes it so much easier just having the money there when I want to buy one.


I’ve got 3 goals, 1 is for Christmas :christmas_tree:, the other is for emergency money :moneybag:, and the other I am saving for our holiday to New York next year :wave:


Rainy day fund
Nintendo switch for the kids (honest)
Watch repair
New car




Wow - great response everyone. Thank you!

It’s really nice to see what you’re all saving up for, and I think it just goes to show how personal money is. Birthdays, personal projects, holidays - it’s great! :balloon:

You folks have set some pretty exciting goals and I look forward to hearing everybody reach their targets! I was thinking we could use this thread to share new goals, progress & encouragement with each other!

I’m personally finding that saving is quite fun when you’ve got something(s) to aim for, especially once you’ve added a picture. Anyone else finding that too? :muscle:


Do we qualify for a box of chocolates ?


Repointing the walls
House moving costs

Still loving this feature :+1:


A new bathroom. Perhaps not as exciting as a trip to Australia but when you got to go you got to go…


I was saving for a new Apple Watch, but I didn’t get all the way to the goal before I bought one! most of the way though :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also saving for an Apple Watch, we’ll see if I have the discipline to wait until I reach my goal!


Did you get the series 3 with cellular? I just purchased one, I’m not taking the EE contract, I will wait for giffgaff to support them.