We're on Product Hunt - Please upvote! 🏆


Hi everyone :raising_hand_man:t2:

We’re delighted to see that somebody has kindly added our app to Product Hunt earlier today.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Product Hunt is a platform where apps are shared and rated. We’d love to get it voted up the ranks. If you love Starling Bank, feel free to log in and vote away. It goes without saying that we’d really appreciate it! :purple_heart: :pray:


The description reads as if written by Starling are you sure you guys didn’t do it? :thinking:

It also worries me the amount of threads on the board that are shouting out for feedback/conversation/input from Starling and then we see a post to ask for upvotes on a popularity contest website for apps. :disappointed:


done, been on the site and voted


If you all love Starling, get voting! :slight_smile:


Voted Up Starling.


I voted a few days ago; I just added a review too as I had a bit of spare time.

Am happy to help. :smile:


Happy to upvote when you commit to adding joint accounts …


If I remember correctly, @sarah.guha did say that they hope to launch them at some point this year. That sounds like a commitment to me. In my experience, when it comes to software development estimates, they sometimes are like a blackbox. I’ve seen things that were estimated to take a week, but only ended up only taking a day, and vice versa. So I wouldn’t expect a committed date from Starling.


I accept that software engineering takes time. But, I think they need now to be saying it’s important to them and it’ll come early this year. All I’m hearing now is that they are trying to leverage experience with biz accounts etc to make it.

I’m personally just trying to keep it in their eyeline. For me, I find it odd that one of the most basic functions of a bank account hasn’t yet been activated.

So in answer to the thread subject: I can’t upvote until I feel the product works for me. Which it doesn’t quite yet.

But I’d love it to work … Because, let’s face it, the bank and the ethos behind it has so much potential (and @sarah.guha doesn’t seem to mind me constantly reminding her about joint accounts).

Peace and love, peace and love.


I generally agree with your view - it doesn’t make sense to upvote until one feels that the product meets all their needs.
Just two points:

  • They have said that it will likely be later, rather than earlier, at some point this year.
  • It’s actually a bit more than ‘experience’ - initially, Starling’s architecture meant that one user could only have one account. The launch of business accounts means that one user can now have two accounts, and I’ll assume (*) that the ability to have multiple users manage a business account is being considered/worked on as well - and this will contribute to the development of joint accounts.

(*) I have no inside knowledge of what’s being planned whatsoever - everything I say represents my own views as an outside observer.


Good points, great reply @MrRobot