We're a favourite on the App Store


So this happened. Which of course as a Product Director makes me exceptionally happy.

And then something else happened, “Right there with @StarlingBank”. A very humbling moment when a fintech leading the way in disrupting retail banking, for several years now, is pleased to be seen with you. :blush:



This is AWESOME!!! Congrats. :slight_smile: :tada: :balloon: :grin:


This is amazing!


This is great news. I also noticed Starling is rising in the top finance apps section.

It was in the late 40s last time I checked, and it’s now in the early 30s.

Amazing progress! :grinning:


Onwards and upwards! :point_up:


Really is great news. :grinning:


Well done


BZ to Starling but also to its users for being patient and offering constructive feedback


I have also been keeping an eye on the finance apps section, and yes Starling are rising :slight_smile:


Starling with the current account were 38th when I just checked. Monzo with the prepaid app were 25th.

I’m not sure how the ratings work in their?

Lloyds who I would consider had a really decent app which is feature packed is 7, against PayPal at 2, which is basic in the extreme. Amex who have a great app at 28?

Not sure it’s truly representative of the app quality. Starling should be up with Monzo at the very least.


Downloads :slight_smile:


Is that it, downloads? Not really the best level of what’s a good app. Lloyds have millions of customers at 7, and a really decent effort.

The household name ‘Circle Pay’ number 1? Have they had more than the millions of downloads Lloyds/PayPal have? I’d not heard of Circle Pay, and wouldn’t have had I’d not read this forum and looks to see what was top.


Maybe there is more to it - I’ll find out


Maybe if your app supports the latest and greatest Apple offers will make a considerable difference to how your app ranks.


Here you go https://developer.apple.com/app-store/product-page/


There’s no doubt some sort of odd formula, who pays Apple the most etc!!?

I don’t think it’s overly representative, just my view. The Starling app is nice, but far from great I would say due to lack of a few features, but it’s just finding it’s feet. I would put the features of some apps far higher than PayPal for instance, PayPal hasn’t really changed since I have it on my phone. I’ve never used the app in isolation, I’ve used PayPal within someone else’s app to pay for items, but that’s it. I can’t think they’ve trumped everyone else on the download front, they’ve been number 2 for a while.

Odd system, maybe it’s downloads plus the secret formula?? I’ll still just download the apps I like and work for me, Starling being one of them, number 38 or otherwise!!


Wow. So just having an app people like and use is kind of immaterial?!

It’s more how many plurals you put in the body of text of the app, in app purchases, resetting of reviews after updating etc etc.


If Starling are looking for more downloads their 1st review on the App Store is a 1 star review from an unhappy customer? Not really the best impression to encourage more downloads. Didn’t I read something about resetting something in app, but use it sparingly? If you can, now might be that time. It’s not overly representitive of the usually great customer service/app useage Starling is known for.


Didn’t want to create a new thread @JamesPratley, but can this unfortunate situation be fixed?


As is right we cannot or wouldn’t want to delete 1 star reviews, but we able to reset the rating per version. We look at this next time we release. Unfortunately when your app is featured it doesn’t appear we can select the reviews as this one is actually some weeks old.


Ah yes, I was thinking more of resetting than deleting.

In any event, it doesn’t detract from the fact that the app was right up there in the first place. Thanks for your response.