“Welcome to” Travel Notification


Currently sat in the Spanish sunshine. Got a welcome to Spain notification from Monzo and Revolut. Got nothing from Starling. Appreciate it’s not a banking priority but would be nice to see some catching up from Starling.

Foreign Currency Goals

Don’t normally see my bank welcoming me abroad

In actual fact I’ve never seen it happen

Is this a new trend


The welcome to messages can have:

emergency contact number for bank

an indication of that day’s exchange rate

advice to avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion at ATMs


I like that. Just the essential stuff.


Fully appreciate that and all seems a very good idea, however I am wondering if this information can be located within the Starling help pages

Being an app run bank you can contact the bank via the installed app as long as you have network connectivity

Maybe somebody else may want to offer comments and ideas as this is an important issue


I guess the idea of being contacted rather than doing the contacting has its attractions.


Hi @Neil_P

In case you haven’t, feel free to give us a summary of your Starling-related experience whilst you’re there :man_artist: (a Spanish chap) in the Using Starling in Spain 🇪🇸 section.


I have just learnt that you can contact Starling via its web site to gain access to your account in case of an emergency / lost phone

You would be asked a few security questions. This is usually the details linked to your account and potentially an ID you’ve submitted. Any query you had about your account they could then discuss via the chat or by giving you a call on your new phone number if the issue is that your phone is missing or broken

You can also call them via the telephone number on the back of their card and be asked similar questions as above to gain access to your account details

All new to me but seems to a working solution


How’s the weather in Spain


The weather in Tenerife is a pleasant 25 with a few clouds floating over.
Monzo and Revolut welcome messages let you know the exchange rates.
A nice touch I thought.


That is a nice touch

Hopefully it’s somewhat better than when I was in Tenerife last

Let us know if the card etc works ok


You got something off Revolut other than service is down and it’ll take 4 days to answer your message? WOW! I’ve just closed my account because they were so unreliable. I think a notification would be ok as long as you could opt out of it too, I get notifications from so many things and I’d personally rather they were kept more pressing matters


I travel for several weeks a year and it was a search for a low foreign fee card that led me to Monzo, Revolut and Starling. I have all three and have no preference of one over the other.
With that in mind it’s the travel features that appeal to me most and will ultimately lead to me choosing one over the other.
I have not used Revolut extensively but have had no particular issues with it. Appreciate that just browsing the forum indicates a lot of issues in particular with support.
I’ve not experienced any specific service issues with Revolut other than the processing issues that are shared by Revolt, Starling, Monzo pre pay etc. It’s via Revolut or Monzo that I generally know when card processing is failed as Starling have not been very good at notification of issues to date.


I like this idea. It’s a shame Starling haven’t thought of it, even Revolut seem to have beaten Starling to it?

It’s no reason that Starling can’t catch up, I think it would be a helpful addition. If you’re App only, then anything and everything that assists the customer needs to be considered, especially if it’s generated from that App.