Welcome to the community


Welcome to the Starling Community.

First things first, let’s get to know each other. Why not share a little bit about yourself here? Keep it classy! :wink:

Getting started in the Starling Community ⭐️

I’m Joe Merriman, live just outside of London and I work for RCI Bank & Services. They are the finance arm of Groupe Renault!


Hi! :raising_hand_man:t2: I’m James & I’m new here. I study Digital Media Arts at the University of Surrey but I’ve taken a year out for an internship here at Starling - I just started this week and I’m quickly learning from my spending insights that this London life comes at a price. :grimacing:


I’m Jon, I live in Shropshire and I worked for a IT Managed Services Provider.


The spending insights makes you realise where your money goes, in my case Nando’s :joy: :poultry_leg: :hatched_chick: :chicken:


Cheeky :chicken:


Hi, I’m Sarah - I guess you could say the app has been my baby. Excited after a year and a half to be getting your feedback so we can continually improve the experience for you all :purple_heart:


I am Manda and I work in finance at a solicitors and love technology and new things. So when I saw this had to join up and try out starling.


I’m Graham and am really chuffed to see a Starling forum. Like many Starling members, I’ve been using the Monzo forum to keep up with things and share ideas and feedback on the Starling account.


I’m Craig, more than over the moon you’ve got the community forum online and firing.:tada:

Like @Graham I’ve been using monzo forum to see people’s feedback about Starling. Shhh I left that bank behind when starling become active :+1:


Hey! I’m Dan :wave:

I’m a Customer Support & Social Media agent from Derby. :ram:

I’ve previously worked for Barclays so I’m used to seeing how frustrating legacy banks are for both its staff and customers. It’s exciting to use a new bank that challenges the ‘norm’ and works for the benefit of its customers!


Hey, I’m Andy, from Sheffield.

I’m a Senior IT Specialist working in End User Computing, basically i play with toys and make sure all the stuff that people take for granted work, at a major gaming company.


Hello, I’m Thomas from London.

I work as a Concierge/Guest Experience Host at a large shopping center in Kent and in my spare time I volunteer as a Radio Producer for a London radio station.

Great to see a Starling community forum at last! :slight_smile:


Hi. I am Richard and have worked in Insurance, Reinsurance, IT, InsurTech, Life Sciences, Business Consultancy and a Credit Union etc. I am a shareholder in various banks and active in various fintechs with interests in customer service proceedures and app and website ease of use.


Happy Friday everyone. I’m Chris and I’m in Rochdale. I currently work for an ISP dealing with the coaching of the Technical Support teams.

Sounds like one of those ice breaker intros on the first day of a new job doesn’t it lol.


Christopher calling here from Bournemouth. I’m an e-commerce manager for an underfloor heating company. I have a massive interest in technology, smart products and the connected home along with fintech.

Starling is the second digital bank I have used, the first being Monese. Starling however ticked all the right boxes so here I am and looking forward to where the company goes from here. I also think they have a massive brand potential.


You take money out of my Starling account :joy:


Hi, I’m Colin. I’m a software developer in Glasgow.

I’ve been looking for something better than RBS for a few years. I tried First Direct, but never really took to it and never fully moved over, and I’ve now switched that to Starling.

I’m Monzo user #881, but kinda bored waiting…


Hi I’m Ollie and I’m a civil servant. This new bank is pretty cool and I’m looking forward to being part of the community.


Hi everyone, I’m Daniel and my role at Starling is Head of Test. I am responsible for the culture, approach, methods and discipline of testing the product that we are building for you. Unlike most banks we don’t have a separate test team. Our developers test, implement and support everything they build.

“If testing is good, everybody should be doing it all of the time”. --Kent Beck

I am going to be interested in improving the way we engage with customers like yourselves to help us build the best product, with the highest quality, for you. If you report bugs here we will do our best to create tests that expose them and a safety net to make sure they never come back.

Thank you for being part of our community. Let’s make banking better for everyone.

I want to help show the industry what a small team of talented people can achieve if they work together, harnessing the power of technology for their competitive advantage.