Weird copy on the Spending Insights page


I’m struggling to understand the meaning of You’ve spent in . above the Categories and Merchants toggle on the Spending page. What does it mean? It seems like some sort of typo. Am I missing something?


You’ve spent £9.39 on Bills & Services in January for example :slight_smile:


My display was the same as yours until i updated today, then it displayed the total amount spent this month.


Hhmm… Not the most self explanatory copy. There’s also some odd spacing going on which makes it look broken.


Interesting! I’ll give an update a go and report back!


To me it looks like…
You’ve spent in Merchants and You’ve spent in Categories (depending which you select)
so I see nothing odd about it


That’s how I interpret it. My only change would be to replace the full stop with a colon, but that’s being picky.

EDIT: after today’s update mine now reads “You’ve spent £x.xx in January 2018.”


It was a bug that today’s update has fixed! Thank you!


It was odd :stuck_out_tongue: