Weekly budget setting


So, I’m personally terrible at my monthly budgeting - which generally means at the end of each month, for the final week before payday I’m down to beans on toast for most of my meals…

An idea I’d like, although not sure how many others might use it, would be the ability to ‘fix’ the amount you can spend during a fixed regular period of time (ie - each week).

So, basically, you take your salary, take out all the regular bills, then divide what’s left between 4 weeks. Then you set the card to only allow you to spend that. If you need a bit extra for a specific week, you go into the app and increase it for that week - and it then gives you an option to either reduce a specific week that amount or divide it equally between the remaining weeks.

Basically - so that when you get to the final week of the month - you’ve still got a healthy balance to cover it. All regular bills (standing orders, direct debits) are not included in this so they’ll always get paid even if you’ve overspent it one particular week.

So, it’ll work something like this:

Bob gets paid £2,000
Bob’s bills come to £1,200
So, he’s got £800 left - divided by 4 so £200 per week

It’s his wife’s birthday, but he’s forgotten (as usual), during the second week of the month. So, last minute present shopping for flowers and arranging a nice meal out means that he needs an extra £50 that week. So, he increases that weeks budget by £50 and then can choose to either split the £50 between the following two remaining weeks, or have it all come out of one week. As his wife is going away with her sister for a birthday treat the 3rd week of the month, Bob thinks he’ll be able to budget that week on £150 so chooses to take the full amount from the third week.

Does that make sense? And I suppose more importantly, would anyone else find it useful?

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Budgeting / custom rules for transfers & savings

I like the idea of this would help me immensely as I am currently moving all my money round from savings etc to keep on top of things.


I use Squirrel and it does something like this which is really useful for me.


Great Idea and something like this would help me immensely :+1:t2: Some greats ideas coming from the community.


I’d like this too, currently I have my salary paid into a different account and I have a standing order paying in £10 each day to my Starling account that is my spending budget, it works really well as it’s automatic once you’ve set it up


They could use the goals feature as the basis for budgeting


Yeah - that’s what I’m currently doing. So, my ‘old’ account (before Starling) still has my salary paid into and bills paid out and then each week I transfer an amount into the Starling account.

The Goals feature that they’ve announced was what got me thinking about this - sort of a ‘Reverse Goals’ but they could feed into each other.

Going more advance - you could even have the weekly budgeting automate itself after a few months. Maybe for those bills that are not fixed (phone bill for example) it’ll work out a realistic maximum amount to allocate.

So, it works out what day you’re paid on, counts the number of weeks until the next payday and works out if you need to budget for 4 or 5 weeks. Or, if your next payday is on a Wednesday, but the budget set day is a Monday, it’ll work out for the last Monday to give you 2/7 of your normal budget to last until Wed and then give you the other 5/7 on your payday.

And in any given week, if you do, somehow, manage to not spend the full weekly budget, that could be moved into one of the ‘Goal’ pots - maybe make that optional so you can either move it into the pot, or move it to the following weeks budget/split it between all the remaining weeks.

But I’m getting very carried away now…


Would also love to see something like this as I’m just doing mental maths to see what percentage I’m spending etc so by Wednesday I’d like to know what percentage of my allocated budget I’ve spent!


This topic is similar to the Forcasting Spending/Balance thread.


I have just signed up to squirrel, as I too am not so good at budgeting. If Starling introduce something like this, It would be awesome!!


Just a +1 for me. Goals are great, but right now I have to remember to set aside money into goals on a regular basis (manually).

The feature I’d like to see is a daily/weekly budget, and any leftover cash I didn’t spend that day/week goes into a goal of my choosing automatically. This way I’ll be topping up my goal just by saving money!


You may already thought about this approach, but at the beginning of each month you could transfer money into separate Goals for weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5. And then as each week passes move the contents of that goal back to your main balance. That might help you with weekly budgeting of your spending money. You can now set up automatic funding of these weekly Goals at the beginning of each month, on both Android and iOS.

Of course if you have direct debits coming out of your account it’s not so easy, but this will become helluva lot easier when the team have enabled direct debits and standing orders to be deducted from Goals.

Pulse - how should it evolve?

I had a major financial sort out not long ago so I know exactly what my disposable income is. Now all I do is pay myself weekly from my legacy account via standing order.

It’s stopped me wasting money on crap I don’t need and is saving a small fortune!

It’s also made making some life changes I’ve procrastinated over much easier to finally do properly.


So this is totally out of the box thinking but something that I’ve always thought was a no brainier with regular transfers has been an option to transfer a 1/4 or some ratio of our income via a regular transfer into our spending account.

I feel this would be ideal if just like the savings goals sections we have an income holdings section that we can set up rules to regularly transfer money into our spending / visible account.

If starling really wants to help us get in control of our finances then budgeting is a huge part of this and this has always been something I thought would make a difference.

I invisage the ability to set these ratioed transfers in combination with rules as I would want to set rules that you could order the actions to take place and allow them to run or not depending upon situations.

Income £1500pm into income holding sections
Rules run when income event triggered:

  1. Move £200 into savings goals
  2. Hold set amount to cover direct debits (ideally these direct debits would come out of this holdings section that wouldn’t show in our general balance )
  3. Move 1/4 of remaining income each week until next month into general account balance for spending.

I’d love other people’s ideas on this and how we’d see something like this in a real world solution. I really think it would be a total game changer for starling to truely help it’s custoemrs gain financial control


If Starling implement payments from goals alongside my suggestion of scheduled withdrawals from goals, then I think you could achieve all that you have described.


Hi @lawhazl -

Certainly a great idea- I’ve just merged it into this thread as I think it’s similar.

What you said about direct debits also relates to this thread too! :slight_smile:


I still think there is a trick being missed by not knowing what your monthly income vs outgoings is - makes it more difficult to budget and plan for… As a note, my old Nationwide account has it and its very useful.