Webhooks with starling


I’ll admit I don’t have a clue about this but I wanted to try using webhooks with ynab to import transactions. I’ve managed to get it to work with monzo but not starling.

I’ve been following the instructions here but step 6 doesn’t seem to be possible with starling. You can’t customise the variables in starling when you create a webhook but you can with monzo. I would appreciate any guidance if anyone knows where I’m going wrong.

EDIT: It is working!


Cheers for posting. This is really useful.

Though, I now need to categorise all of my old transactions in YNAB, and sort out my newer ones. Damn you! :facepunch:t2: :joy:

Thinking it might be easier/better to bin off the stuff I’ve manually entered, reimport and then sort.

But seriously, I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. So thank you.


I have to admit I’m not sure if automatic importing is a good thing or not yet myself but I’ll see how it goes.

It’s good they have an API now though!