Wealthify Vs Wealthsimple


Just having a casual look at these. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on the pros and cons of each with respect to eachother? Is one generally better than the other, cheaper, or with better Starling integration?
Thanks in advance!


I weighed up a few of these services before going with Wealthify. I’ve been very pleased so far. I have a number of plans for different members of the family, all of which have made a nice profit.

If you do try Wealthify, feel free to sign up to this circle for a discount on your fees:



You’ll be pleased to find that the CTO of Wealthify, @Michael_Ashford, is a member of the community. So it might be worth directing any questions you about the service towards him.


Thanks @danmullen. I’ve just moved our two boys’ Child Trust Funds to H&L Junior ISAs. They are just in cash until I choose a fund to invest in. Do you know if I can transfer these into Wealthify Junior ISAs and access them from Starling? Or if they even do Junior ISAs? Thanks again.


They don’t offer Junior ISAs currently but I know they’re hoping to soon.


Ok cheers. I might have a little dabble myself but I already invest through work as we have a very good scheme with very attractive tax incentives. I’ll keep an eye open for the Wealthify Junior ISAs.


I don’t suppose they offer help to buy ISAs do they? I have some savings I want to invest so will probably put some in wealthify but I want to make sure I leave myself enough to get the max amount into a help to buy ISA as well (really don’t want to use a legacy bank for this if possible).

Hopefully joining your circle soon @danmullen