Wealthify now available in the Marketplace


We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Wealthify to the Starling Marketplace this morning! :raised_hands: :tada:

Its the very first partner doing a full 2-way integration, where we both access each other’s APIs using OAuth, a first in the Marketplace. You can discover Wealthify in the “Savings & Investments” section of the Marketplace, you will then be asked if you’re happy to share Starling data with Wealthify, which helps speed up the application and bank linking process. You will then be asked if you’re happy to share Wealthify data with Starling, so you can view and manage your Wealthify account ongoing from the Starling app. For now this is simply viewing your Wealthify balances, but we plan to add in much more going forward.

Let us know any feedback on the integration and what you think!

Wealthify Circle

Exciting news, pleased there are new partners slowly coming to the marketplace.


Wicked news! Another partner :raised_hands:t2:


Good to hear.


Excellent news, I had no idea this was coming! I am a Wealthify customer and have a few investment plans set up for me and the kids.

If anyone would like a discount on their fees, please feel free to join the circle “doubledutch”. You just need to send me your name and email address and I’ll generate an invite. We have four members currently (5% discount). One more and the discount climbs to 10%. You can receive up to a 20% discount depending on how many members are in the “circle”.


Just signed up via Starling. Will put a small amount in it and see how I feel, been thinking of trying to start investing for a while.

I knew someone would be offering a place in a circle on here, might as well have lower fees. Have messaged you @danmullen :slight_smile:


I’ve replied Ed, invite on its way :slight_smile:

I’ve been really impressed with Wealthify in the five months or so that I’ve been using the service. All my plans have grown in value. The one negative is it seems to take a few days for money to appear after being sent, though I’m hoping that this link up with Starling might address that issue in the future.


Just tried to sign up using my Starling account details. Problems for the outset. They wouldn’t open account because they can’t verify my Starling account details -

“Before you can fund your plan, we need to verify the bank account you gave us when you signed up. We tried to do this electronically, but were unable to do so.
Please take a photo or scan of a recent bank statement and send it back to us. If you bank online, please download a recent statement and send it back to us.”

Surely having the Marketplace integration should be eliminating this kind of problem. Not a great start or a great experience. The Wealthify app kept on throwing an error about not being connected to the internet, when I actually was.

This is the problem linking up with others companies . Their poor performance will very easily tarnish Starling’s reputation. Hope they’ve thought about this.


How strange, worked perfectly for me other than the Set Password link via email giving me a 404. Easily fixed by clicking forgot password and setting via that though.

Maybe Wealthify needs to work on clearing out the bugs a bit more.


Had same issue other than I didn’t get a far as registering as got the 404 message when clicking the link in the verify email.


Odd, I never had any issues signing up. That said, I signed up last December, so perhaps something has changed in the signup process?


I also got the 404 on trying to verify my email.


@Richard_Gregory @JayTay This is what I got. Just go to the login page manually, click “Forgot my password” and they’ll email you a new link which works.


Yeah I got round it that way in the end, so thanks @beatles1


Glad to hear it. I like the experience so far but that doesn’t inspire confidence.

Also, why does it take 3-5 days to confirm a faster payments transfer? :confused:


Hmmm, I reset my password to a 50 character one as that was the max length allowed. On trying to log in to via the marketplace in Starling I get a message saying “The field Password must be a string with a maximum length of 20” :man_facepalming:


3-5 days isn’t really the definition of a “faster payment” is it :rofl:


One thing I’ve found that’s a little annoying is when clicking on Wealthify and selecting Launch
under Marketplace from within the Starling app, it defaults to the Wealthify website in a browser rather than launching the app, surely if the app is installed it should auto open that instead?


Hi there, Michael here - Wealthify CTO (and Starling Bank customer!)

First, thanks so much for your early feedback on the integration! Second, apologies for the teething issues.

Happy to report we’ve just resolved the following:

  • 404 error on email verification link - someone mis-configured the link, but it’s been sorted now

  • @JayTay - 20 char max limit on the OAuth login - we changed the max length of our passwords to 50 chars not so long ago, but neglected to make this change on the OAuth login. This is now resolved

  • @Ad13 - I think this was due to an old session cookie on your browser causing our app to not recognise you having come from Starling, so didn’t request the API access, so didn’t pre-populate our application form. This has just been fixed so won’t happen to anyone else, but I can understand your frustration. As an investment service we have to run comprehensive checks on bank accounts, and we weren’t able to do so electronically. Our team can resolve this for you very quickly if you could export a statement from Starling and send it to hello@wealthify.com

  • We’re going to work on deeplinks soon so you can launch into the Wealthify app instead of the website - much more slick, I agree!

Bank transfers are a little slow we admit - when we work on deeper integration with Starling we should be able to give you a much better experience!


Nice one @Michael_Ashford thanks for sorting those issues and responding on here.