Wealthify Experiences


I invested some spare cash when Wealthify launched in the Starling Marketplace and although there were a few teething problems at launch, all went pretty well.

Fast forward a few months when I requested to withdraw £3.5k. The estimate is 10 days. I requested this withdrawal on the 24th June and to date (19th July) it still hasn’t been issued. I’ve been given a timeframe of almost another week, so that’s a MONTH to release the funds. I fully accept that 10 days is not a guarantee but a month is a considerably longer than 10 days.

I’m hoping that the cash will be issued at some point this coming week, although I’ve heard this several times already.

I trust Wealthify and I know they’re not doing anything dodgy, but this post is intended to shed some light on their release times as if I was in desperate need of this money, I would have been in a slight predicament. 10 days is best case - over a month (or possibly more) is worst case. Just a friendly word of warning to those who might be caught out.


@Michael_Ashford one for you mate!


I’m sure I could google this, but when you withdraw (initially ask for the withdrawal), does that lock in the amount?

Or can it still fluctuate with the investment?


I think it fluctuates. I hope so because it dropped like a brick the week I requested the withdrawal and today it’s up to where it was.


Mine dropped 60 quid (on a 6.5K investment), and in the same week went up by 50 quid.

I’m now leaving it, ignoring it, and hoping it doesn’t disappear :joy:


Hi @Ad13, I’m very sorry you had this bad experience. I’m sure you’ve been in touch with our customer services team (based on your post) and I realise this post wasn’t necessarily to get help from Wealthify, but I’d like to personally look into this, if you’d be happy to DM me your email address or account reference.

10 days is our target date to release funds, which is met in the vast majority of cases. Unlike a cash account, we have to sell down investments before we can release cash, and in abnormal cases this can take unusually long. Over a month is not acceptable, and I apologise.

Thanks @Joe_Merriman for bringing this to my attention!

To answer another question in this thread, yes markets can fluctuate after your request for a withdrawal is made, before we place trades on your account (usually the next working day), as we are dealing with live markets.

@NickH like you, I can’t resist checking my balance every day, but it helps not to worry about daily fluctuations, and think long term, unless you enjoy the excitement of it of course :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats ridiculous, there is no reason it should even take ten days let alone longer. Wealthily state:

“You can withdraw your money from Wealthify at any time, if you need to and there’s no charge or penalty for withdrawing. It will take up to 10 working days for us to release the money from your investments – it could be quicker, but we can’t promise.” So ten they indicate as a maximum?

I’d love to understand @Michael_Ashford what is “in abnormal circumstances this can take unusually long” … I’ve invested in shares and funds for many years, even back in the old days of share certificates and going to see your stockbroker, even then I don’t think i’ve waited more than 2 weeks for the money.

Any request to sell should happen the next working day and cash received (by wealthily) the following day or two at most, seems iffy to me for something like this to take a month.


Thanks @Michael_Ashford - I do tend to cast an eye over it in the morning, but I’m less worried about the fluctuations than I once was.

To repeat @Andrew_Buckland’s point above, and this may be my own lack of knowledge showing here, but could you talk me through the process from a customer saying “I want to withdraw everything” at 9am on a Monday morning, to them actually receiving their money back?

The sales will be actioned on Tuesday (I would assume), but then there seems to be a long gap between day 2, and day 10?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your reply @Michael_Ashford. As my post says, this wasn’t a swipe at Wealthify only a heads-up to those in need of quick access to their cash.

I got an explanation from Nick at Wealthify that there was some sort of technical issue in that my request wasn’t acted upon when triggered therefore the delay. I’ve contacted customer care a couple of times for an update as the delay was unexpected and I’d have thought that would have moved things along a little quicker, but didn’t. 30 days is three times longer than expect.


Very impressed with Wealthify so far. I didn’t catch the name of the lady I just spoke to on the phone, but she was very good and understood my issue. Albeit she did not know the answer to my question, she was able to very quickly find out and come back to me.

Fingers crossed the “big transfer” occurs on Monday, and Virgin don’t screw it up - despite the deadlines being so tight.