Wealthify Circle


Wealthify Circles allows “circle members” to benefit from fee discounts based on how many people have joined, starting at 5% for 2+ members. Everyone benefits from the same discount rate. So since it’s now available in the Marketplace, let’s all (anyone using, or planning to use Wealthify) join a circle, so we can all get a reduced fee.

Join my Wealthify Circle so we can both enjoy discounted fees. Download the app from https://wealthify.com/app and use my code VH13D3


There’s a circle over in the announcement thread with 9 members and a few more waiting for first investment. Code for that is Q3HHQP if you’d prefer to get into one that’s got a bit of a headstart already.


Thanks @JayTay :slight_smile:

We’re up to 12 members now, another 6 at pre-investment stage with another 4 invites pending.


Yep - and I’ve also posted this on Monzo forum, so would expect more to join.


Here’s the circle invite if anyone is interested:



Hi all,

Joined the circle this morning :smile:

Failed the ID check on sign-up tho, apparently there’s no record of me at my address, even though Sterling happily let me bank from there.


Hi @hawc,

The CTO of Wealthify is a member of this Community - @Michael_Ashford, any chance you could assist here please?