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I currently use the iOS Watch Revolut app and LOVE it’s balance glance…
It shows my current balance on the my Apple Watch right next to the time etc… every time I look at my watch so I can quickly see if there is the money for this new toy I SO don’t need! :wink:

I am moving to Starling Bank as it’s got Apple Pay and an actual API!!! So was hoping we could also get a Current Balance WatchOS Glance for this as well. Maybe even more advance like some kind of display of how much I have left to spend on going out this month. :wink:

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Nice suggestion! I’ll pass it on to the product team. There’s already a discussion going on about Apple Watch if you’re interested! :smile:


Nice I did come across that after posting this. :blush: Maybe I should have searched for more combo’s of words before. Anyway I will just drop a post in there linking to this to kinda join them a bit! :wink:

Very excited about the potential of this new bank after trying for so long to my Halifax account to be useful! I hoped Revolut would be that but they turned out to be slow and not going in the direction I hoped but Starling Bank has already done 90% of what I was looking for with the API being enough that I could likely do the rest (Watch App etc) if needed. :slight_smile:


I use the Glance for Revolut to.
Extremely helpful though it is poor at updating as it gets the value from the Revolut app which is required to be running.


Oh yes I do get this as well. You have to keep going back into the app if you open to many other apps as iOS shuts down “unused” apps for memory…

I believe newer WatchOS apps can run entirly on the phone wihout the requirement of the iPhone app being open. Maybe Starling Bank’s Watch App can ensure it doesn’t have this flaw! :tired_face:
When I look at my Watch and see “£510” I don’t want to find out that it’s out of date and there is actually only £2.50 in there due to one GREAT night out! :wink:


Been there!

One of the worst parts of banking back in student days (a LONG time ago), was that balances shown on your account didn’t take into account pending transactions etc.

Glance is an awesome way to check you have what you think you do…so long as that is upto date!


The “Pending transactions” are often when the funds are authorised and reserved but not taken.
So it is possible that this reservation will ether expire, get canceled or a smaller (OR I believe can be up to a percentage larger?) amount could be taken.

Having said that I also believe from reading the forum that Starling Bank DOES show the balance assuming that the reserved amount has already been taken (which I prefer as 90% of the time it IS taken as it was reserved) and return/correct it IF a different amount is taken/not taken.


I would be very interested in this as well, as unlocking my phone and the app is quite a waste of time when you just want to see your current balance.


Yes @Rjevski… even with the flaws in Revolut’s Watch Glances currently it’s really useful!

With it being on the Watch’s screen all the time next to the time allows a quick “glance” to tell you if you are going to get that awkward moment when your card get’s declined for a £8 Starbucks because you say purchased a £600 3D printer yesterday and forgot to move the money from your savings account… (not that that’s happened… :wink: )


This situation would probably be addressed well with my proposal here Ask to authorise Transaction

In that if you attempt a payment without enough funds available a notification which enables you to do a “quick topup” from a funding source could prevent a declined transaction…

Provided another card or savings account was with Starling or there was a payment agreement it could even ask if you wanted to transfer funds from your savings account as a yes / no suggestion.

Ask to authorise Transaction

Sorry to be pedantic @GazB but I think you actually mean you would like a ‘Complication’ for Apple Watch as you mentioned revolut shows you balance next to time etc.

If you want balance on your watch face, then it’s a Complication.
Glances were the the ones where you pressed the button on the side (not Crown). But Glances are no more, they’re just apps in the Dock now, since watchOS 3

Just wanted to mention that so that you get the right solution!


You’re right @leewalker10. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just tried implementing a watch complication and it looks like it might be impossible. Apple enforces limits on how much processing you can do for updating a watch complication and even on how many updates you can send to it per day, so at some point you might be stuck with outdated data because you exceeded the update limit for that day.


Hum… That kinda sucks Apple! What if you’re spending like crazy! :wink:

@Rjevski what is that limit do you know? Is it reasonable like 100 times a day or is it stupid like 5?


Before moving to Starling I was with Tesco Bank, their App had a “Balance Peek” Watch Complication that displayed live balances on current & credit card accounts - very useful.
Thant worked ok so don’t think a Starling one wouldn’t.


Did that update in realtime though? If it’s a legacy bank and the balance updates once a day then obviously it would be fine, but if we have to update on each card transaction and Apple only allows X updates per day then once we’re over that we’re kinda screwed (and I’m not yet sure we can detect that to be able to tell the user that the balance displayed is out of date).

I’ll need to look into it again but if I remember right the limit was 50 which you could easily go over if you go on a shopping spree (where knowing your balance in real-time would’ve been the most useful).


You may be right about number of times per day, not sure if WatchOS4 on watch changes that.
(I have been on iOS11 and WatchOS4 for months so love it, I think it’s now stable enough for the Keynote on 12th).

Tesco was live though, I’d pay in cash at a branch and it would be live as an updated balance.