WARNING: This bank has NO 24/7 manned card services telephone line


This bank is an absolute joke. I had my phone and card stolen this morning on the way to the airport. I asked someone if they could find the Starling phone number on their mobile. We couldn’t find a number on the website. So we hit the chat. We got a number. I then called waited 5-10 minutes then I got an automated response saying no one was available. AND THE LINE WAS DROPPED!

There is NO other bank in the world where this would happen for card services. On this alone I’m going to highly recommend NO ONE uses Starling for anything more than a test. They will NOT be there for you when you need them the most. I’m going to publish this as much as possible because it didn’t occur to me when signing up.

Then I had to give the phone back to run through passport control and to the gate. Luckily when I was on the plane I asked if I could use the persons phone beside me. I went to chat on the website and asked for the card to be blocked. He asked for verification what the expiry date on my OLD expired passport was. I didn’t have this so he asked what direct debits/payees as I don’t use it for my main banking. Panicking, as the plane was about to take off, I couldn’t remember exactly what these were. Then after pleading with this man over a silly chat box on a website to block my card he then said oh I can “lock” it. BECAUSE I DIDNT USE THE RIGHT LANGUAGE.

Now I’m back home and more calm I could get verified. Luckily my card wasn’t fraudulently used.

I’m genuinely more annoyed at Starling than getting robbed. I don’t understand how you have all this fancy modern stuff and you don’t have a well advertised 24/7 number for card services. Absolute joke.


If you want to be taken as a serious bank you need a well-advertised and instant connection 24/7 card services. Otherwise this bank will stay a joke.

The Starling Bank roadmap: What's next for 2018?

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So sorry that you had to start your trip this way. Taking everything you say onboard and will report back. Please give me a few days. Once again, really sorry.


Fidor is totally shut from 6pm Friday until Monday morning, whereas Starling is always connectable thru the app and by email.


Maybe this shows a genuine need for an emergency web option…?


Maybe I’m unique here, but for each of my cards in my wallet I create a contact record with all the necessary information I might need in an emergency. This includes my card number, account number, and the issuer’s emergency lost/stolen telephone number. All of this is taken from the card itself.

As I’m an iOS user this data is all encrypted and stored securely, and is available at icloud.com even if I lost my phone. Seems sensible to me to keep a separate record of this important stuff.


As long as they don’t have your pin the worst they can do is probably three contactless transactions at £30 before your pin is asked for and that £90 will be refunded by the bank.

With the phone if you have fingerprint/code lock and a pin on the sim you don’t have to worry.

Obviously it’s important you can report it but it’s not usually end of the world if you don’t sort it out straight away.


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They say to read the content, not not the tone of an online post, so perhaps I should listen to that advice…


Sensing the sarcastic nature of the comment, I’d say a personal response from the CEO of a national bank on an online community forum, is pretty darn good (especially on a Sunday!).

I’d rathe @anne went away and came back with an answer, having discussed with the Starling team - Than put up some “stop gap” answer immediately.


Hi All, Anne is dealing with this. Cheers.


I think this comment is 100% uncalled for and disrespectful at best.


@Ad13 which post do you find disrespectful.


This one here - the sarcasm aimed towards your boss


Just to clarify. The Gurus are customers just like you. No one at Starling is our “boss”. :slight_smile:


@Ad13 she is not my boss I don’t work for starling I am a customer like you. Trying to help people out on the forum.


I just Googled “Starling Bank emergency phone number” and less than a second later I had the number.



This definitely wasn’t there earlier.

Perhaps @Parker’s submission went through!


Google edits generally go through very quickly nowadays since they launched their local guides.

Need to have the number clearly displayed on starlingbank.com though, as that will be the first place most people will look for it.


Couldn’t we have a number that we could text a unique passcode/password to which could lock the card? We could use any phone and delete the message after?